Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our Seen...and Unseen Enemies

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Rep Anna Eshoo

A Democrat from California (Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) told a committee last week just how much she despised ‘middle America’ when she referred to it as “Podunk USA”

Some have called her an idiot!   

Sadly, she's NOT an "idiot," she's worse...much, MUCH WORSE, she's an anti-American globalist/One Worlder. There are many like her in our political-media class.

The "Venture Capitalists" she speaks of, are international business people who see nations, borders, language and culture as "roadblocks" to their commerce.

EVERYONE who loves THEIR country, THEIR culture better realize that Nationalism is THEIR cause.

Some dismiss this as a mere “lack of patriotism,” but this isn't just lack of patriotism, Tom.

In many regards, the Left-wing globalists truly ARE much smarter/DEVIOUS than us regular Americans. They are generally better at articulating (selling) their positions and MUCH better at demonizing others.

Conservatives use cute terms like "Lefties," "snowflakes," "libturds/libtards," while Leftists label patriotic, Constitution-loving Americans, "fascists," "wing-nuts," "Nazis."

They are far more effective in demonizing their enemies, because they are fascistic scum.

They (especially the rarely seen "elites") have a strong, unifying goal..."UNIFYING the planet under a grand global hegemony." They are ALL onboard with the view that this can ONLY be accomplished by controlling/subjugating whites...the most productive, but also the most Independent and freedom-loving group on earth.

There's really nothing dumb about that plan. In many respects it's been brilliantly conceived and masterfully orchestrated. They've managed to turn various fringe groups (BLM, radical gays, anti-male feminists) against "the system."

We focus on Hollywood and media personalities and the army of fringe groups, which are set to be eliminated once their manipulators get enthroned. We don't even see the real "masters of the universe," and if Conservatives DID see them, many of us would probably even like and admire them.

Funny story, many of us already DO, in liking and admiring the billionaire sports teams owners.

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