Monday, April 24, 2017

Was Trump (and America) Chumped by Syrian Rebels/ISIS?

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Seymour Hersh

A growing chorus of voices is now claiming that it was the Syrian Rebels (a/k/a ISIS) that used the nerve agent Sarin on the Syrian people, NOT the Assad government.

The Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh claims "Hillary approved sending Libya's nerve agent stockpile to Syria, some of which was used by rebels during the Obama administration as part of a 2012 deal between the U.S., Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to set up a chemical weapon attack within Syria, blame it on Assad as a pretext for a U.S.-led invasion of Syria, to topple the Assad government. (SEE:…/seymour-hersh-hillary-ap…)

In 2013, the UN's Carla Del Ponte told the BBC that it was the rebels (ISIS) and NOT Assad who used Sarin in that FIRST chemical weapons incident! (SEE:

Now, after this latest attack the same cages are being made (SEE:…/syrian-rebels-used-sarin-ne…/)

There's little doubt that ISIS was an American creation. We armed them, like we did Afghanistan's Mujahadim (Al Qaeda), then we downplayed their significance despite their wave of atrocities. Obama infamously called them Al Qaeda's "JV Team."

So what IF it turns out that THIS is true?

So the Trump administration got CHUMPED!

So did the American people...but NOT by Trump, but by whatever rogue factions within our Intelligence Bureaucracy that sold this lie about Assad.

BUT...what to do? We're committed now, right?

Maybe IF we had a slimey member of our rancid political-media class in office...BUT we DON'T!

Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump isn't capable of simply reversing course upon seeing new evidence is NUTS! Trump is Zappa's "Central Scrutinizer"! He just doesn't give a f*ck about the things most members of the political-media class do.

AND...he knows that changing course in the face of new information/evidence WON'T hurt him politically at all going forward.

He's already taken the Intelligence Bureaucracy-run Newsmedia's best shots....and they haven't even phased him.

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