Monday, April 24, 2017

I STILL Don't Believe in "Hate Crimes"...

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YES...this woman (Angela Jones) clearly attacked this couple because of their race.
Who cares?!

IF she'd merely attacked them because she was mad at the world that day, that would've been better...and worthy of LESS punishment?


The SAME assault, different motive...different sentence?

THAT'S NOT "equality before the law."

In fact, it's a THOUGHT CRIME! We're seeking to punish a PERCEIVED MOTIVATION more than the crime itself.

There's something wrong with that! Actually, there's a LOT wrong with that.

Now, I carry all sorts of weaponry with me in my car, including a few polymer blades...knives crafted from black, polymer resins that are really stealthy at night.

Yup, for even TRYING to swat me with a hammer, I'd have punctured her liver...and maybe a lung.

Now. In my defense, I really am pretty much an asshole, with a bad temper around people who misuse carpentry tools.

Oh yeah...and then, as she's writhing in agony on the ground, I'd have stomped on her skull awhile. That's because I'm an asshole with a side order of scumbag...and believe me, mine WOULDN'T have been out of any "hate." It would've been FIRST (and most importantly) SELF DEFENSE (well, at least the stabbing) & (2) my "motivation" would have simply been not wanting to let someone abuse innocent carpentry tools.

I STILL say this guy f*cked up, letting this lowlife skank assault his wife...his Porsche and most of all...his BELOVED boat! In 34 states, "assault on a boat" is grounds for lethal self defense, in and of itself.

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