Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When We Send Dull-Normal People to Elite Universities....THIS is What We GET

Oxford University: Using ‘Wrong’ Gender Pronoun Could Lead to Expulsion!...

Transgenderism, or "Gender Dysphoria" is a recognized mental illness. This idea of using some "gender neutral pronoun," like "ze," is as misguided as us all pretending to have multiple personalities, or chronic paranoia, or schizophrenia to help make other mentally ill people feel better about themselves and fit in more easily. It's a really, REALLY BAD idea.

This is just more proof that you can't educate stupid people.

With the advent of donor, alumni, and other such preferences becoming rampant in the 1960s, we've been sending more and more rich, well-connected sons & daughters to elite institutions INSTEAD of the previous traditional path of sending the highest intellectual achievers there. Over the last half century they've proven over and over the dictates of, "Garbage IN, garbage OUT," & "You can't get silk from a sow's ear," as well as Schopenhauer's Law; "Put a spoonful of fine wine into a vat of raw sewage and you STILL have sewage. Put a spoonful of raw sewage into a vat of fine wine and you have sewage."

When you send dull, or even average people to elite educational institutions, you get mis-educated dolts, NOT brilliant graduates. That's NOT how to move the world forward.

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