Monday, January 23, 2017

Globalsim/Internationalism is TREASON

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Strewn throughout the riotous, Leftist protests last Friday and Saturday were scores of signs like the one below; “Patriotism = Racism.”

Such treason is often taught by mis-educated and poorly trained College professors, but is more often garnered through associations with FAR-Left groups like ANSWER, ACT-UP and REV-COM.

Many of these “Love the earth” dopes left tons (literally) of signs strewn about the streets of Washington in their wake ( I guess they’re a lot like the movie rock group Spinal Tap, “We say ‘Love everybody’ (in this case, ‘Love the earth’), but we don’t actually mean...we just say it.”

Refreshingly, those arrested in the riots have been charged with felonies, NOT the typical “protest misdemeanors” and will face up to 10 years in jail and need scores of good attorneys to fight those charges, keeping such activist, Leftist lawyers from engaging in other mischief.

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review (, Joan Williams looks to explain America’s working class to the professional class. On that score, I believe she gets it wrong. It’s NOT White Collar lawyers, physicians, accountants and other such professionals that “don’t get” America’s working class, it’s America’s political-media class that seem to fail to understand that group...and they appear to do so deliberately.

Interestingly enough, Joan Williams fairly closely described my own Dad's views, in her article. My late father saw both JFK & Walter Cronkite as "Commies."

Turns out Cronkite certainly was one, or at least he was a vehement One Worlder. My father was also suspicious of Big Labor with its Hoffa's, Trumbo’s & other bizarre Union bosses.

As far as Ms. Williams views on "resentment" go, I disagree. Look at our economy over the past 30 to 40 years. Today a good plumber or electrician can earn more than a mediocre attorney or accountant...with far less student debt.

I think there has been a widespread disenfranchisement between many Americans (of BOTH the Blue Collar and White Collar world) and the so-called "global elites." Those "elites" are NOT the professional class, instead they are (1) a ruling multi-national elite, whom we rarely see, even on TV & (2) the political-media class that many see as the "butt-boys" of that globalist cabal.

But it's taken mass Islamic migration to the West, coupled with a virulent jihadism to crystallize that disenfranchisement.

To be a true, or devout Muslim you MUST adhere to Sharia Law and its moral code. That includes death for homosexuality.

As an aside, one of the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington was Linda Sarsour ( She is Executive Director of the tax-payer funded Arab-American Association of New York with alleged ties to Hamas and public utterances that support Sharia Law (Tweet: “You’ll know when you’re living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans and credit cards are interest free.”). She nefariously left out, the part where gays will be thrown from high buildings, or set ablaze and female adulterers stoned to death. AND she apparently forgot the part about loans and credit cards existing happily in the Arab-Mideast ( with fee-for-service transactions. Like the early Catholic Church, “Interest free” DID NOT mean free of collateral, fees for service and other quid pro quos. It cost money to borrow...ANYWHERE! So, apparently Ms. Sarsour is fibbing in order to sugar-coat Sharia law. Wonder why she’d do that?

Those Westerners who don't see that Sharia Law and its moral code are completely antithetical to Western culture, traditions and mores...are simply delusional. (

In my view (just my opinion), absent that trigger, Donald Trump, Theresa May, Marine Geert LePen, Wilders and the rest of the worldwide Neo-Nationalist movement would be outsiders still. They certainly would not have enjoyed their meteoric rise.

While I DO feel some degree of sympathy for those out-of-touch Westerners STILL clinging to the hopeless idea of a more unified world in which we all throw off "those silly vestiges of our pasts," by which they mean our sacred and honored traditions, cultures, customs and that idea is dead, it’s not all that much sympathy.

Again, just my own view on all this, I see strong growth potential in this Neo-Nationalism, but little to no chance of any resurgence of the once predominant idea of a more unified world and some form of "global culture."

The very reason the Clinton's, Bush's, Merkel’s, Hollande's and the rest of the world's globalist political-media class could be so easily swept away is that they were as out-of-touch with the day-to-day realities and issues that globalism has foisted on most Westerners, as their "global elite" masters.

Back to my own Dad, for a second, looking back, while I fully understand his antipathy for Joe Kennedy Sr., a "rum-runner" & accomplice to gangsters (most notably Dutch Schultz), I see JFK as the last POTUS to actually challenge America's Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex AND the Federal Reserve (with his issuing of Silver Certificates). Ironically enough, none of that may have happened had Joe Sr. not had that ill-fated stroke shortly after JFK took office.

For me, the plague of this misguided globalism/Internationalism began on 11/22/1963. What's going on now is a reckoning, which has been a long time coming. Perhaps it could best be called, "JFK's Revenge."

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