Sunday, December 18, 2016

Reason #3,587 For Why I've Always Despised White "Liberals" (a/k/a Leftists)

Even though I stopped going to Church regularly early on and gave up on religion, I've never reviled religions, religious people, or any God, BUT I have despised atheists...those smug, arrogant ghouls who are so dumb they don't even understand one of the basic tenets of the scientific method, that, "The absence of evidence constitutes no 'proof,' in and if itself"...and yet they consider religious people dumb and "anti-science" for their "blind belief."

Believing there is no God is every bit as faith-based as any belief that there is one.

It's probably why I've met far more actual "searchers" (those seeking the truth, no matter what that truth may turn out to be), among the religious and few to none among the "atheists" I've met across the years.

SAME with so-called "Liberals." I say "so-called" because true Liberals are Libertarians, like Ron & Rand Paul, Lew Rockwell, etc.

Today's so-called "Liberals" are actually Leftists, or pseudo-Marxists. I've rarely met any decent, tolerant, kind-hearted Leftists...especially among white Leftists. First, they seem to mistake pity for empathy and compassion.

Empathy puts US in the same place, or space/condition as those we empathize with, while pity always allows us to look down upon those who "need our help."

The intolerance of the Left is all around us, from "safe spaces" on College campuses for those who can't defend their own beliefs, the constant blaming others for their own personal failures, to the avalanche of "Hate Hoaxes" swirling all around us, to our predominantly Leftist national media that likes nothing better than stories that polarize and alienate various ethnic/racial groups.

Here's an interesting video by Ami Horowitz, where the same man interviews self-proclaimed (white) "Liberals" about why they oppose voter ID laws (HINT: it's all about "helping those poor, dumb black people"....who they seem to believe don't know where the DMV is, nor how to get online), then shows those responses to black people in Harlem, NY.

While the responses from all are largely predictable, they're worth seeing, if only to see the condescending face of real ethnic hate and racial bigotry.

That’s why this is a reminder of the 3,587th reason I really, REALLY don't like Leftists...whites in particular, but not exclusively, for sure.

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