Friday, November 18, 2016

You know who'd make an AWESOME EEOC Commissioner in the Trump Administration?

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FDNY Deputy Chief and Former Merit Matters President, Paul Mannix

This guy (FDNY Deputy Chief Paul Mannix), the former President of the group Merit Matters that fought for the traditional Civil Service Merit System and high written & physical standards for jobs within the FDNY.

Not only is Chief Mannix a veteran Civil Rights advocate, he's someone who put his career and reputation on the line defending merit and standards.

Someone within the Trump administration SHOULD really consider reaching out to Chief Mannix, a GREAT man and a natural leader and communicator.

Knowing Chief Mannix, he'd truly be a fair guy. His position of "preference for none," truly meant NONE.

He many times offered to work with the FDNY's EEO. As much as he supports merit & standards, he abhors hazing and bullying.

He really was a good and decent guy slimed as "a racist" by opponents who knew nothing about him, his cause AND the fact that so many, many firefighters of ALL backgrounds support merit and standards. Chief Mannix reviled white slackers who "skated" as much slackers from any group.

His opponents would have you believe the issue was "opening up the job to blacks." Apparently they never heard of the likes of Lt.Gary Dembry (L-27), Lt John Tyson (L-27), Ff Ali Pasha (E-59/L-30), Ff Tony Paige (E-35) and many, many other excellent black firefighters that got on the job and accounted themselves admirably...without any lowered standards.

The idea that "Standards must be lowered to help blacks," is a blatantly "racist" one.

It's sad that the media reflexively jumped to the tune of those scurrilous accusations against Chief Mannix.

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