Thursday, November 10, 2016

The TWO Sides of the COIN

We've taken a lot of initially compassionate ideas to absurd and very harmful levels.

Our "Anti-Poverty" bureaucracy has incentivized helplessness (a lack of marketable skills) among the dependent poor and our government now employs an army of bureaucrats paid to undermine various industries (ie. coal, natural gas, manufacturing, etc.) around the country. These people are paid to, in effect, hurt their neighbors...even though those people may live in far away states, they're STILL neighbors and fellow Americans.

Just as Hillary said, "We're going to put a LOT of coal miners (and coal companies) out of work," (she meant the miners, as you don't put the companies "out of work"), in this election many of us voted INSTEAD to put a LOT of bureaucrats out of work. That's generally doing no harm, because government doesn't produce things, nor create real jobs...government jobs including cops, firefighters, Corrections, public school teaching, even Congressional staff...are net COSTS. While many of those jobs are necessary and MUST BE done, they are all paid for with tax revenues and should be done as fiscally responsibly as possible.

Reducing regulation and allowing businesses to expand would create more REAL jobs and make it easier to fund those necessary government positions.

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