Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Bone-Ignorant Anti-Trump Hysteria

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Disgusting Sign at Anti-Trump Rally

Recently, I came across an interesting posting by a very good writer; According to the rules of political correctness, Trump’s concern that Mexican-American judge Curiel might be swayed by his Mexican-American heritage against defendant Trump who was advocating for securing the Mexican border and deporting illegal Mexican immigrants among others makes him a “racist” indistinguishable from the racists who populate the Klan, drag blacks to their deaths behind pickup trucks, and so forth.

According to the rules of political correctness, Trump being discovered saying “You can grab ’em by the the pussy” makes him not only immediately and irredeemably “misogynist” (anti-woman) but also immediately convicts him of intending sexual assault while that population of women even now routinely claiming “You can lead’em around by the balls” (ouch) is instead deemed to be sexually empowered rather than misandrist (anti-man).

Significantly across all social demographics voters for Trump of all political leanings appear to have repudiated, dismissed, or otherwise abandoned such rules.
My response was; That’s ALL very true, but I believe this election shows that a LOT of Americans abandoned, or never accepted those rules at all, but Trump’s the first public figure to really give voice to that. By the way, to those who laud “political correctness”...to most people I know, THAT really is a VERY good thing to give voice to.

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League in New York had it exactly right early on, when he told the media, “Maybe you guys don’t get this guy. Maybe you don’t see his appeal, BUT go to any working-class bar in New York and those construction workers, cops, etc. well, he speaks THEIR language.”

When people call for “draining the swamp” what they’re endorsing is the view that our government and our media, our political-media class is fully owned and managed by global Corporate interests. That view is 100% correct, which is why I’ve held to it since around 1983 and never left it.

Trump’s appeal had little, if anything to do with the personality of Donald J. Trump. It was America’s BREXIT!

I really don’t get the Left who’ve spent the last decade railing against Islam’s Sharia morality (kooky Bill Maher’s led that Left-wing charge), AND castigating those who would, “Dare seek to eradicate our cherished heritages and cultures.” I believe the Dali Lama (a reliably Left-leaning sort of guy) put it best, “Germany must remain German, just as Nigeria should remain Nigerian.”

Trump opposes the GOPe’s insistence on In-Sourcing cheap foreign labor...generally a Democratic position. He supports E-Verify and a “locked Down” border, which Hillary and Obama BOTH supported, though they failed to emphasize that strongly enough.

He supports lowering corporate transfer tax rates that would allow Dell, MS and other BIG companies to bring hundreds of BILLIONS back into the U.S. another position Democrats support.

He’s supported abortion through the 1st Trimester, like 2/3s of Americans and opposes Late Term (“Partial Birth”) Abortion, like 2/3s of Americans.

AND, of course, he’s supported gay rights. Something that WAS important to Dems until their confusion over the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. Then they seemed to throw the LGBTQ community under the bus, in favor of ethnic politics.

Consider that there’s something to like about Trump from EVERY perspective. Of course, that may be because I’m kind of a “Look on the bright side” kind of guy.

Some critics have charged, "...He cares about winning. He uses the people who can be used, bullies his opponents, seeks revenge on his enemies..."

Well, that describes virtually EVERY politician who's ever lived...AND, to be honest, most of us too.

The average human cares primarily about his/her own advantage, doesn't much care who he/she screws over to get what we want, but pretends to "care" and be "high-minded," and when our flaws and foibles are pointed out...we often seek "revenge" on the messenger. THAT is known as “the Human Condition.”

Hillary spoke of blacks and Hispanics as "perpetual never do-wells" (failures). For whatever reason, most Democrats, and most of those in the media (OK, full disclosure, about 87% of them are Dems too, a good swath of the rest are actual Marxists) seemed to have no problem with Clinton’s nasty assessments.

Bill Maher's called Sharia-adhering Muslims "animals" and "slime," merely because they don't allow women to drive, adhere to public stonings, amputations and beheadings for various crimes. The response of some fringe "Leftists" & segments of the Religious Right (who always defend religion) was to say, "Not that many Muslims adhere to Sharia Law."


Sharia Law IS Islam...Islam IS Sharia Law! They are inseparable.

OK, so technically Bill Maher and Hillary Clinton are "racists." So WHAT! It’s a free country. They have every right to their own opinions.

However, that "Obamacare" has imploded, is NOT "opinion," it's FACT. Can it be fixed?

Not easily.

Can it be repealed and replaced?

An even tougher task.

Can our border be "hermetically sealed"?

Absolutely! With drone technology and modern sensors we can pretty much completely lock it down. Moreover, E-Verify would make it virtually impossible for employers to In-Source cheap migrant labor.

Can our tax system be overhauled?

Again, absolutely. This guy can change THAT via Executive Order. Congress would then have to agree to override that...and even though BOTH major Parties benefit from being able to use the tax laws to benefit donors, NEITHER side would probably have the requisite guts to override something as popular with the people as a streamlined tax code, or better still, a conversion to the Fair Tax.

The hysteria over Trump is absurd. His temperament and his defective demeanor is no worse than Hillary's. BOTH have said many intemperate, some would say, even bigoted, sexist and degrading things...BOTH are very possibly terrible people...as MOST of us humans are, or at least CAN BE.

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