Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sad...Our Media is so Desperate for Anti-Conservative stories, they're incredibly easy to "punk."

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For whatever reason, our media has long had a very strong Left-wing bias. Sam Donaldson was once found at a Democratic fundraiser. Over 80% of media people self-identify as "Liberal Democrats," most of the rest identify as Independents, almost all are Left-of-Center "Independents."

That makes the Anti-Trump hysteria that’s been the order of the day, even harder to understand. Donald Trump has spent his life as a slightly Left-of-Center New Yorker. He's solidly pro-choice and pro-gay rights, in fact during the campaign he proved himself more reliably pro-gay rights than Secretary Clinton was...just reference the Pulse Nightclub shootings.

That incorrigible bias makes many "mainstream media" people very easy to punk...for those so inclined to such things.

A staff writer for left-wing website (Amy Harvard, Twitter handle: Sarah A. Harvard) uncritically accepted a prankster’s account of a fictitious racially-charged interaction with a Trump supporter, later spreading the false story on Twitter while dismissing those skeptical of the story’s veracity.

Turns out that right-of-center YouTuber Matt Christiansen, decided to test Ms. Harvard's journalistic ethics and she came up wanting. According to Thomas Madison, "Christiansen and a friend cooked up a fictitious story of a white male who threatened a Native American women because he thought she was Mexican and later justified his rudeness by saying “white is right.”

"Using a fake email and the name “Laurel Nelson,” the pranksters emailed Harvard their story with the subject line “aggressive Trump supporter.” The Daily Caller was provided with copies of the email exchanges between Harvard and “Laurel Nelson.”

“I was leaving Starbucks when I got bumped at the door by a trump supporter. I ended spilling latte on myself but he gave me the glare like I did wrong. I said ‘you can at least say sorry’ and he replied ‘just walk away and be lucky that coffee is the only thing of yours that spills. You shouldn’t even be in this country, and you wont be for long’ [sic]” the non-existent Laurel Nelson said. “He must have thought I was Mexican because I am dark, but I am Native American. I told him so and that we were actually here first. His reply was ‘doesn’t mater. white is right’ and pushed by me [sic].” (

To me, that's a very good thing, as ANYTHING that undermines the credibility of this corrupt and hopelessly biased media is a step toward reforming that fetid, fever-swamp of misguided Leftism.

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