Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton; America’s Angela Merkel

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Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton - Birds of a Feather

Since the “Rape of Cologne,” not only Germany, but ALL of Europe is in an uproar over what is perceived to be a policy of “De-Europeanization” for Europe. Sweden, France, Belgium and England have all had their own major problems with Muslim invaders who are openly seeking to transform Europe into “Eurabia,” a part of a greater global Islamic Caliphate.

The failed economic and social policies of the globalist Left have resulted in the rise of the Right in Europe, which SHOULD BE good news for BOTH America and Russia.

Russia, under Vladimir Putin has strongly resisted Western globalism – a U.S.-led global hegemony.

America’s government must ultimately get on board with that, because the bulk of the American people already reject any kind of global hegemony. They are right to reject that...and they are NOT alone.

In the midst of this European rebellion against Western globalism, Germans are currently attempting to bring treason charges against the chancellor over her migration policy.

“The Federal Prosecutors office in Karlsruhe, Germany, has received over 400 letters calling for it to open an investigation into Chancellor Merkel, the elected leader of the German government for high treason,” reported Breitbart last October. “The complaints cite the chancellor’s decision to open the borders of the nation to all comers in September, since when they claim ‘an unhindered flow of refugees have poured into Germany.'”

“Under German law, anyone who attempts to affect change to the German republic or damage the constitutional order by force or threat of force is guilty of high treason.”

Such an outcome would be welcome. What Merkel’s Islamization of Europe amounts to is “the greatest crime against humanity,” since the Nazi Holocaust and the Red Russian desecration of the real Russian people – the “White Russians.”

What’s more, Merkel will be but a fine start, many, MANY others will have to ultimately have to be held to account for supporting the Crime AGAINST Humanity that is Western Globalism.

So, today in 2016, America is faced with an election over exactly THIS issue.

Which side of history do we wish to be on? Do we want to side with those who support this greatest Crime Against Humanity, or will we side with LIBERTY - which is rooted in nationalism, individualism and private property rights?

Donald Trump not only predicted England’s BREXIT, he wisely supported it.

How tone deaf, how committed to the wrong side of history s Hillary Clinton?

Consider that when asked about world leaders she admired most, she heaped gushing praise on Germany’s failed leader Angela Merkel saying; “Well, I have to say that I highly admire Angela Merkel. I’ve known Angela since the 1990s, she and I actually appeared on a German TV show together,” Clinton responded. “I have spent personal time with her. She is, I think, a really effective strong leader and really right now the major leader in Europe, not just in Germany.”

Angela Merkel has been a willing and devoted stooge of the Brussels-led European Union (EU), an EU that is, thankfully, faltering badly. Today, there are at least 6 European nations that have populations even more opposed to the EU than Great Britain. Right now the people of, France, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Spain and yes, Germany all very strongly oppose the EU.

This tide cannot be held back. What we’re witnessing now is the last peaceful attempt to put down these Globalist Bolsheviks. After this comes waves of bloodshed.

This group showed what they are with the “Rape of Russia,” when the Bolshevik “Reds” committed the world’s worst atrocities on the peaceful, hard-working “White Russian” people. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Terror)

So, what does Hillary Clinton feel about the face of modern global Bolshevism? "I just find her to be an incredibly important person in the world today and I look to her to see how she’s managed it"

Yes, in her own words, Hillary Rodham Clinton would emulate Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Enough said.

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