Friday, August 19, 2016

HEY! Where's Brownie?!

Image result for Michael Brown FEMA
Michael  ("Brownie") Brown  of GW Bush's FEMA

Image result for Obama golfing
President Obama...Golfing as...

Image result for Louisiana flooding 2016
...Louisiana floods

Remember all the heat G W Bush took over FEMA head Michael Brown's "Heck'uv a job"?

Hmmm....while President Obama remains on vacation, there isn't even a "Brownie" to kick around. NOTHING'S going on in flood ravaged Louisiana! (

Could the fact that the national media is run overwhelmingly by "Progressive" Democrats be the reason this isn't as much of a big deal?

Or are they just too busy running the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign?

Just wondering...

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