Friday, July 15, 2016

WHY Can't Leftists Help Themselves?

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This week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg chose to deliberately politicize the Supreme Court.

In taking on Presidential candidate Donald Trump, she not only pulled away any pretense of that court's political impartiality, she also pretty much made it imperative that she recuse herself should any action involving Trump come before Court down the line.

I'm hardly surprised any more when I see some Left-wing politician assail the Constitutional principles that made America great.

What's more, it shows that Justice Ginsburg is a committed Leftist, who puts her far-Left socialist principles above our free market/property rights-based Constitution.

Such people are dangerous precisely because they ignore the facts (like multiculturalism's utter FAILURE in Europe) and they ignore the facts because, simply put, they can't do the math.

Worse still, her abuse of her office was most likely all for naught. At this point the American electorate is so polarized, that there's little anyone can do to sway those committed to the other side. What we have are probably best described as, visceral ideologies, that is, ideologies that need no words to be understood and identified by proponents.

Consider that among Independents, Hillary Clinton is now running 3rd behind Trump & the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson. This is a "Brexit Election."

That probably won't change, so WHY would Ruth Bader Ginsburg compromise the Court?

Because like most Leftists, she can't help herself.

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