Friday, June 24, 2016

This Must be the UNFUNNY Steve Martin...

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Steven Martin of Cambridge

Two 'Open Border" Brits...a/k/a pro-European genocide Brits were expelled from France in the wake of "migrant" (that's mostly Muslim) riots in the French port town of Calais. (…/breaking-british-drivers-attacked-in-c…/). One of them, Steven Martin, a 31 y/o Cambridge academic, has published manuals on how to "brew’"tear gas in a makeshift laboratory in the refugee center in Calais, nicknamed "the jungle camp" by Martin and others. The camp houses up to 6,000 migrants.

Both Martin and his cohort, 19 y/o Richard Jones confirmed that balaclava-clad No Borders militants were trying to convince migrants to resort to attacking police. Mr Martin, a long-time volunteer in Calais' "jungle", has been accused by authorities of "orchestrating" the entire riot, and looking for police "weak spots"in order to send migrants to such areas.

None of that's FUNNY Steve Martin!

THIS is one of the primary reasons why "the Right" is rising in Europe. In France, Marine LePen, daughter of the once notorious Jean-Marie LePen, Geert Wilders and the Dutch FREEDOM Party are surging in the Netherlands, while Matteo Salvini leads the resurgent Lega Nord (the Northern League) in Italy. Germany and England have their own "Rightist" anti-immigrant Parties that are also on the rise.

The goal of "multiculturalism" is clear - the destruction of ALL existing cultures, heritages and ethnicities around the world, in order to create a more homogeneous "New World" population, made in THEIR own image and likeness. One that will be easier for multi-national corporations to market to...and control.

Much of the Arab-Muslim hatred toward the West is rooted in what they see as the eradication of their own culture. They don't want to be "paved over" for what they see as "the New World Order." (

NOW, it seems that Europe doesn't really want any part of this "New World Order" either, once they've seen it up close.

The U.S. has long been a multi-cultural nation, BUT that doesn't mean the rest of the world should follow suit. The Swiss seem to like their culture, apparently so do the Syrians and I'm sure that goes for the Swedish as well as the Nigerians, the Russians and Chinese.

That's why such "Open Borders" scumbags are traitors to any nation which they belong. These English Open Border supporters are as bad as any Nigerian, German, or Chinese Open Border advocates.

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