Thursday, June 9, 2016

THIS is Exactly the Kind of Cretin Who Gives Elected Officials and Appointed Public Servants a Bad Name

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Fred Gralinski (L) and his 41 y/o Son, Ryan (R)

Fred Gralinski....remember that name.

At a Central Coventry District Fire Board meeting in Rhode Island, Mr. Gralinsky said of firefighters displaying the American flag on their rigs; “They look like a bunch of yahoos. Like in the paper, like ISIS in Syria going to take over a city. I don’t think they need that big flag on the back of the truck. That’s not America to me. Those are a bunch of terrorists. So, I’m going to ask you to take the flag off the truck.”

Worse yet, this lowlife has apparently raised his two sons in the very same hate-filled way.

One news report noted that, "Two people commented on the Cranston Scanner post in support of Fred Gralinski’s use of the word “terrorists” in describing firefighters. Those two people were Ryan and Brett Gralinski who are the sons of Fred Gralinski. Ryan Gralinski simply commented and said, “The firemen are terrorists”. Brett Gralinski, however, went much further. Much of what Brett Gralinski commented has to be read slowly and interpreted due to the enormous amount of spelling errors and grammatical problems. Much of what he said is unintelligible.

"Brett Gralinski says, “F*ck the flag and f*ck you. You’re pathetic.” He goes on to say that humans are inherently pathetic and says that he is pathetic too. He states, “If you were not (pathetic) then you wouldn’t give 2 sh*ts about a flag on a fire truck”. According to Brett, the flag is nothing more than a way to divide and conquer and that nationalism is a scam to “trick people into self-destruction”." (

About ten days after the remarks were made Rhode Island State Rep. Robert (Bobby) Nardolillo, (R-28) called for Gralinski’s resignation. (

While I'm sure that Fred Gralinski feels he's merely upholding his own "Progressive" principles....but anti-Americanism isn't part of ANY legitimate political movement within the U.S. Funny story, ANTI-Americans are terrorists within America, just as ANTI-Iranian people are terrorists within Iran. That's kind of how that works.

Here's yet a news report on this issue (

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you guys got owned lol the only one sent packin was big bad ass gforman. As for my dad more support than ever and he seeks nothing less than shut down with jobs. losers

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