Saturday, June 11, 2016

The WRONG Focus on the Stanford Rape....

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Brock Turner

The righteous outrage continues over the super soft sentence meted out by judge Aaron Persky.

The latest is that Brock Turner may have lied about the extent of his alcohol and drug use during High School.

Here's the deal, no amount of alcohol &/or drugs changes your fundamental essence, or nature.

As noted, there are ONLY 3 ways to deal with coming upon an unconscious/incapacitated person in the street. The ONLY human response of the 3 possibilities is seeking to render aid to that person, if only by calling 911.

Ignoring that stricken person is inhuman but NOT monstrous. Victimizing that unconscious person is subhuman and indeed monstrous.

The fact that Brock Turner isn't the only person to have ever reacted in that way, is immaterial to the extent that in HIS case, his status as an "educated" and "well-off" individual actually raises the bar for his behavior...that is, WE expect MORE from someone of Brock Turner's status than we do of an uneducated, unskilled individual.

Coming upon such an unconscious person there is no way for the individual approaching that stricken individual to know whether their present condition is due to illness, injury, or something else. If it is heartless to simply walk past that person and ignore their condition (and it IS), then it's absolutely subhuman and monstrous to victimize that person in that helpless state.

In fact, it could well be argued that someone who'd victimize an incapacitated person they come across is capable of doing virtually anything (murder, torture, etc.).

Brock Turner is a rapist.

He deserved a far more severe a sentence. Perhaps in appealing this sentence, he may open up the process to a full reconsideration of the original sentence, allowing another judge to render an entirely different (more severe) sentence.

Brock Turner's father (Dan) showed himself to be exactly the kind of father you'd expect a rapist who'd seek out the most vulnerable prey to have. He has shown himself unworthy of representing any company or community. His words ("...his life shouldn't be ruined over 20 minutes of action") shames all who know and associate with this man.

For his part, Aaron Persky has proven himself of insufficient judicial temperament and inadequate personal judgment to hold the position of judge.

Aaron Persky shouldn't merely be removed from office, he SHOULD BE disbarred for his misplaced sympathies in this case.

In many ways, Brock Turner is the symptoms, while Dan Turner and Aaron Persky are part of the disease!

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