Sunday, June 12, 2016

It's Too Bad...He Lived

rock throwing thug dalllas love field
Shaun Diamond confronting police

A violent goon was shot by Dallas Police officers Saturday at around noon near the entrance to a baggage claim area at Love Field airport.

Surveillance video showed the incident from the time that the perpetrator, 29y/o Shaun Diamond, picked up an orange cone by an attached chain and struck a parked vehicle that belonged to his girlfriend. He then moved to the roadside and picked up a number of large rocks and began throwing them at the vehicle. The female inside that vehicle appeared to have been struck by at least one of the stones.

At that point police arrived on the scene and Mr. Diamond stopped his assault on the woman and her vehicle and turned his attention to them. One police officer can be scene attempting to persuade the assailant to stop his forward movement towards him and to get on the ground.

In that surveillance video it appears that Mr. Diamond still had a large rock in each hand as he approached that police officer in a menacing manner. According to witness reports, he told the officer, “You are going to have to shoot me.”

The police report indicates that Diamond rushed the officers prior to being shot, still with the rocks in each hand.

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