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Anderson Cooper STILL Just Doesn’t Get It...

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Anderson Cooper with Pam Bondi

On Tuesday, June 14th, CNN’s Anderson Cooper attempted to bully Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, calling Ms. Bondi’s sympathy in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub massacre, “a sick irony,” given that she’d fought to defend Florida’s same-sex marriage amendment, which barred same-sex marriage in that state — and argued for that amendment before the Supreme Court. (

Fact is, 63% of Floridians made clear in democratic votes that they oppose same-sex marriage. Florida’s government was duty-bound to represent the “WILL-of-the VOTERS” of that state. (

Last weekend (Sunday morning, June 12th, 2016) Islam’s Sharia morality and Western gay rights came into direct conflict when one devout Muslim (Omar Saddiqui Mateen), acted on Sharia Law’s proscriptions against homosexuality on Sunday morning, June 12th in a criminal way. (

There is a HUGE disconnect between much of the gay community in the West and the impending impact of multiculturalism. There’s simply NO WAY for the West to expect that devout Muslims, even “Moderate” Muslims to forsake Sharia Law and its incompatible moral code ( and ALL traditional Muslims adhere to Sharia law.

To truly integrate Muslims into the West, the West must be prepared for some form of compromise with Sharia morality.

I’ve said before that perhaps the best the West can reasonably hope for is a compromise that lifts the death penalty strictures against homosexuals and female adulterers, while STILL allowing for some criminalization of such actions AND, more importantly embracing things like public amputations for thieves, even white collar criminals and corrupt government officials, the grisly public spectacle deaths of murderers, rapists and other violent offenders in keeping with Sharia Law’s “Mutual Responsibility to Society.”

Now, I stand...and have always stood AGAINST “multiculturalism.” I firmly believe that gay rights are completely incompatible with Sharia morality...because Muslims themselves tell us so. (SEE ABOVE YouTube video). And because I support things like abortion and gay rights, I OPPOSE "multiculturalism."

Just as I support the Arab Muslims being able to maintain their heritage and culture, along with their Sharia moral code, I support the Swiss, the French, the Chinese, the British, the Congolese, the Germans, the Nigerians and the Russians, etc. to vigorously maintain THEIR individual and distinct cultures and heritages, as well. “To each their own, in their own lands,” is what I always say.

In either case, something’s got to give. In my view, it MUST BE “multiculturalism” that surrenders, and just goes away, to the remaining champions of “multiculturalism” then it MUST BE Western morality, including their own tolerance for homosexuality and adultery that must give way.

The idea that Muslims MUST forsake Sharia Law and its penalties for homosexuality and adultery, its support for “Honor Killings” and its public amputations, burnings, beheadings, etc. for various violent offences, for the sake of more squeamish Westerners, seems both paternalistic and supremacist.

WHY should the Arab Muslims be forced to forsake their culture and heritage and NOT the Western multiculturalists?

No, this “all, or nothing” approach is outrageously immoral.

Some form of compromise MUST be accepted for any such accord to be reached.

Given how antithetical Western morality and Sharia morality are, that compromise may very well prove extremely difficult to forge, BUT it will almost certainly HAVE TO include some acceptance on the part of Muslims to retreat on the death penalty for gays and female adulterers, even while the West gives on the idea of still criminalizing such behaviors that Sharia adherents see as abhorrent. The West will almost certainly HAVE TO compromise on criminal justice...various public spectacle death penalties for various violent offenders is almost certainly non-negotiable to any devout Muslim, as this is part of Sharia Law's "Mutual Responsibility to Society,” supported by virtually ALL Muslims.

Apparently Anderson Cooper doesn’t understand any of this. Perhaps he’s one of the delusional few who wrongly believe that “Muslim anti-gay strictures are part of the colonial past of those countries and NOT part of that religion.”

Aside from that stance being hideously paternalistic, the FACT is that the Koran, written long before Colonial times, has strictures and severe penalties for homosexuality, female adultery, and other behaviors. That belief system is entirely and traditionally Muslim.

Perhaps Cooper is one of those few paternalistic, bigoted Westerners who feel that everyone else should simply bow to and integrate into OUR superior Western culture.”

In any case, Anderson Cooper and those like him are wrong.

In order for any peaceful accord that would allow for full Muslim integration into the West to occur, a compromise, as outlined above will HAVE TO be reached and such a compromise promises to be a very difficult one to reach given how far apart Sharia morality and Western morality are at the present time.

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