Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This Really IS Disturbing...

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Chad Severeance-Turner

Turns out that it's a perv...a child-molester named Chad Severeance-Turner, who's been the driving force behind the national argument on "transgender access to the public bathroom of their choice." (http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article64943682.html)


Look, this issue is really VERY simple. If you look like Laverne Cox (the transgender star of "Orange is the New Black") below, you obviously use the Ladies Room.

I seriously doubt that ANYONE who looked even remotely like Laverne Cox ever had any trouble using the Ladies Room...anywhere.

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HOWEVER, IF you look anything like the Biker dude below, but you "feel like a woman today," you use the men's room...cause you're dressed like and look like....a friggin DUDE!

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How hard is any of this?

The idea that anyone can use ANY restroom they choose based on "the identity they choose AT THAT TIME," as that's exactly how these laws are written - the "choice" can be made "at THAT time." They DO NOT require a person who claims to be "transgendered" to be dressed like, or even look anything like the gender they "choose" at the time in ANY conceivable way!

That's an open invitation to sexual predators....like Chad Sevearance-Turner. (http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article64943682.html)

Years ago, the Libertarian Party, which supported maximum freedom and the most limited government, got nowhere because it kept putting its freaks (pornographers, PONY - the pro-legalization of prostitution group, various and sundry drug users and other assorted misfits) front and center. They made their image a freakish, cartoonish one that made them functionally irrelevant for decades.

So long as the LGBT community allows sex offenders, like Chad Severeance-Turner to represent them, the seeds of their own destructive backlash will be sewn by the very leaders they choose.

WHY do this?

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