Saturday, March 5, 2016

The GOP "Establishment" Goes 50 Shades of Kremlin on Trump Supporters....

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Donald Trump with Chris Christie


The Washington Examiner, a widely read GOP organ out of Washington, D.C. just posted an editorial that would make Joe Stalin, Mao Tse Tung or even Kim Jong Un proud! (…/…/2584697…)

It starts off ominously enough, "If you are an elected Republican officeholder, think long and hard before jumping on the Donald Trump bandwagon.

"It's a presidential election year. Naturally you're thinking of your political career. That's a given. You have principles, but you also measure the political winds. You care about your position within the Republican Party. You watch who is rising and who is falling.

"You might not admit it in public, but at times you imagine yourself as a future cabinet secretary or vice president, or even as a president someday.

"Thinking about those long term goals, you realize that reaching them is not simply about judging who is winning right now. It's about your character and judgment in knowing when a front runner is radioactive and could poison your career."

But it ends, interestingly enough, with a reference to Kim Jong Un; "But if you decide to fall into line and take your marching orders from Trump, you will lose respect (not least, your self-respect) and alienate millions of conservative Republicans. Look at Gov. Chris Christie, whose endorsement has transformed him from the tough-minded straight-talker, admired and widely regarded as a plausible national leader, and made him instead a forlorn and obsequious footman waiting in the front-runner's shadow to do his bidding.

"You will put your career at risk. And if Trump loses to Hillary Clinton, whether in a landslide, as current polls suggest, or at all, it will all have been for nothing.

"Half a dozen newspapers in New Jersey have now called on Christie to resign in disgrace. In his appearances with Trump, he looks like a man with no remaining dignity, like a prisoner giving a false confession in a North Korean propaganda film. He is now being brutally mocked, not only by conservatives, but in mainstream publications as well.

"That man could be you. But not if you refrain from causing your own political demise."

That last line is positively Stalinesque, "That man could be you. But not if you refrain from causing your own...demise."

There's something very, VERY wrong here.

We are a very sick culture at this point in time, with a very sick political system controlled (like most everything else around here) by a Corporatist nest of vipers.

NOW, I really want to see an outsider, like Trump open up this cesspool up to the light of day.

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