Saturday, March 12, 2016

NOW...Marco Rubio Challenges Tea Party Politics...Seems Far TOO LATE Now!

Today, Marco Rubio declared that Donald Trump is, “Not only tearing the [GOP] apart, but he risks tearing the country apart. This is not what we want our country to look like...”

That’s FINALLY a direct shot at the Tea Party and America’s working class Conservative base, a base that is larger than its liberal base by a factor of about 2 to 1.

Sadly, it’s far too late for that Marco.

Where was Marco when local Tea party activists successfully transformed “illegal immigration” into “In-Sourcing” - the importation of cheap labor to deliberately drive down the wage rates of American workers?

Where was Marco Rubio when local Tea Party activists successfully transformed Affirmative Action’s race/gender preferences into “A New Form of Segregation,” that of “Segregated Standards”?

Fact is, Marco and other “Moderate Republicans were nowhere to be seen, or heard. Perhaps they were “asleep at the switch,” but whatever it was, they did NOTHING to rein in the Tea Party philosophy and THAT’S what’s turned the current Primaries and WILL TURN the general Election into a Populist revolt.

Initially, I waited for some word, some argument...NO, NOT from the Marco Rubio’s of the world, but their Corporate masters, about how much we all owe, in cheaper goods and services to BOTH In-Sourcing and Out-Sourcing and how more new jobs were created than old ones lost, how affirmative action’s preferences are a “stop gap” measure to bring a disaffected segment of the population up to speed economically, so that the “sins of the past” need not be carried forward for another generation after this one.

BUT...there was NONE of that, from ANYONE!

You know what I think? I don’t think they COULD make an argument for that case. If they could have...they would have.

Now, it’s too late. The uprising’s in full swing.

You missed your chance Marco, just as surely as Jeb and John Boehner and the other Republican “Moderates” have. This ain’t your Party anymore Marco.

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