Thursday, February 18, 2016

THIS is What Got Gaddafi Killed

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Muammar Gaddafi

According to Reuters sources have said that "Iran wants payment for oil in Euros, NOT U.S. dollars.

For anyone wondering about the odd timing of our 2011 Libyan invasion and Muammar Gaddafi's subsequent death (, after he'd become an informant for the West and cooperated with the U.S. & UK in the wake of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan; It had nothing to do with him being a "bad guy" (he'd have been attacked much earlier if that was the case), nor for his UN speech implying that JFK's inspections of the Israeli Dimona Nuclear reactor to make sure it didn't create weapons grade materials ( was the cause of JFK's assassination, what sealed Gaddafi's fate was a 2011 OPEC speech in which he suggested that OPEC stop accepting U.S. dollars (USD) as the reserve currency for oil and switch to the Gold-backed African Dinar (

Now, apparently Iran is looking to replace the USD with the Euro. (

Will that be more palatable?

In 2000, Saddam Hussein unilaterally declared that going forward, Iraqi oil would be traded in Euros, not USD. Economic sanctions immediately followed and when the opportunity presented itself after 9/11, Iraq was invaded shortly after the Afghan invasion.

What would happen if the USD were to be replaced with another currency? For one thing, it would effectively end the U.S. Government's ability to keep borrowing and printing massive amounts of that's been needed to expand and maintain our entitlement programs, support our Military, in effect, run our entire economy!

Over the last 6 years alone, America has created more than $4 TRILLION out of thin air...backed by nothing but the people's faith in that paper.

Should the USD be replaced with another global currency, America would be plunged into a massive banking, stock market and currency collapse. The basic commodities our economy relies upon would become too expensive to buy overnight. Hyper-inflation would become the order of the day.

This would be especially disastrous for senior citizens, those on fixed incomes and those relying on money from the government (in the form of social programs, government payrolls and, of course, public pensions).

In many respects what's been going on across the world, especially within the Middle East over the past few decades has been part of a much larger currency war, with the U.S. looking to shore up the USD as the default global currency, against an increasing number of entities that want to move to another default currency.

If you don't think that that's a WAR, then just ponder how warlike those dependent upon social security, various welfare programs and public pensions would feel, should they wake up one day to find those things being effectively worthless.

This global currency war is very, VERY personal.

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