Monday, January 18, 2016

Trump is EXACTLY What the GOP Deserves...and Very Possibly What America NEEDS

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Throughout 2015, I’ve been extremely cynical about Donald Trump’s run for President. Publicity stunt, or just the hubris of a HUGE celebrity ego?

But it doesn’t matter anymore, at least not to me. The fact that America’s vile media and the political class hate him is good enough for me.

I can’t even begin to express how much I revile America’s political/media class. They are a bunch of mostly semi-educated English, History and Communications majors who assiduously avoided math and the hard sciences while in College. THAT’S a fact.

I know them better than they know themselves.

I stand by my 1973 pronouncement from on high (No kidding, I believe I said this while on Mount Hood), “If you can’t do quadratic equations, then you’re NOT truly educated.”

I remain a registered Democrat, but I also remain an “Old School Democrat” from the days when the Dixiecrats and Northern Ethnic Catholics formed the voting base of that Party. I am solidly pro-Union, vehemently anti-open borders, anti-tax, against ANY discriminatory legislation (YES, including race/gender preferences) and pro-ORIGINAL Constitution (the one designed to greatly limit, even shackle government).

The fact that the GOP “establishment” hates Trump makes “The Donald” all the more alluring to me. I despise the Country Club Republicans who’ve run the GOP for the past half century. I’ve especially detested the “GOP establishment” since their Southern Strategy was fashioned by exactly this faction, specifically to blunt the voice of Conservative America.

I know there are STILL some imbeciles who believe the Southern Strategy was designed to “blunt the black vote,” which of course, is utter nonsense. It was designed to amplify it, which, in fact, it DID. The fact that it also effectively cemented most black voters onto a liberal-Democratic Plantation, is their own fault...and really NONE of my concern.

Conservative ethnic Catholic whites and southern whites, along with blacks have ALL been duped onto their own plantations, but whereas black voters claimed a large voice within the Democratic Party, like their Conservative white counterparts in the GOP, BOTH groups have been marginalized and taken for granted (“Where else are they gonna go?”) and have had their agendas blunted and compromised away at every turn by the “leaders” within their own preferred Parties.

Pat Buchanan was the first Conservative to tell the Moderate/Country Club Republicans that; (1) THIS ain’t your Party anymore and (2) Your days are numbered. Instead of listening and working with PJB, they effectively expelled Buchanan from the Party that brought Corporatism/Progressivism to America.

At every turn the Country Club Republicans have used dopey “wedge issues” like abortion and gay rights to appease their base and make their opposition look nihilistic, anti-traditional and, when they could get away with it, “downright anti-American,” BUT whenever they were faced actually doing something to deliver on those false promises, they’d “accidentally on purpose” screw the pooch, like when old George HW Bush put Souter on the Supreme Court, or when the likes of Lindsey Graham or Orin Hatch would thwart various Conservative Bills in the Senate and then make “compromises” with the likes of Ted Kennedy, in which the ONLY “compromising” was done by the Country Clubbers.

Later, they’d talk about, “how shrewd” Senator Kennedy was, when in fact, the best thing about Ted Kennedy was that he never overrated himself. On his best day, he was a mouth-breathing, knuckle dragger...a guy who had to have cheated his way through Harvard, just like GW Bush and AlGore.
All that brings us back to Donald Trump. I never watched Trump on TV. I never bought any of the stuff he hawked. I even thought the Lewis Black bit on Trump, back in 2011 (…/Daily-Show-Lewis-Black-Supports) was pretty funny, even though Lewis Black is a political moron.

BUT with CNN, MSNBC and yes, even Fox News openly campaigning against him and the GOP establishment in a panic over the prospect of a Trump nomination...I HAVE TO like the least compared to those opposing him. Hmmmmm, Chris Cuomo, Brooke Baldwin, Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow, along with Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton vs. TRUMP?

I’d have to go with Trump every time.

It comes down to the cesspool of the American political/media class vs a single skunk. Which would you rather have? 6 FEET of sewage in your basement, or a single skunk in your house?!

As for me, SKUNK please!

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