Sunday, December 6, 2015

WoW! Is THIS Incompetence, or....Something Else?

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It now appears that the FBI apparently made the decision to hand back the apartment of Rizwan Farook and his wife to the landlord (Doyle Miller) who immediately opened it up to the media (allegedly for pay).

One CNN law enforcement expert noted that he saw, "No fingerprint dust residue around the apartment," and noted that in such cases, "Such crime scenes are often kept locked down for months!" (

Is this "the newer, friendlier FBI," OR is it just your garden variety incompetence?

Farook's wife (Tashfeen Malik) reportedly posted about the murders and swore allegiance to ISIS on her Facebook account just around the time the killings began.

Speaking of incompetence, WHAT do you think John Kerry (and others) claiming that "Islamic extremism and jihadist terror" is "driven by poverty and a lack of jobs" all about?

Personally, I have no trouble at all, seeing Kerry and other similar-minded adults as clueless incompetents. FACT is, violent crime itself is NOT triggered by poverty at all. That was proven mathematically (I know...the English Lit and history majors in our media majored in such subjects specifically because most of them can't do math) back in 1983. Suffice to say, IF poverty caused or triggered violent crime, then Depression Era America would've been far more violent than urban America is today (it WASN'T) and even today, Appalachia and other pockets of rural poverty would be far more violent than urban America, as they are far poorer...and they AREN'T.

It would seem that John Kerry and his ilk either never heard of all that...OR just didn't understand it. That goes to INCOMPETENCE in either case.

So, I guess the FBI's apparent incompetence over allowing this crime scene to be taken over by the media is thoroughly consistent with the incompetence that leaches down from the top in this administration.

Feeling any safer?

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