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Is South Carolina FINALLY Ashamed?

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YIKES! Is THIS what the people of South Carolina deserve as "the face of that state"?

I like South Carolina. I like South Carolina...a LOT!

It’s a beautiful state and the people are generally courteous and refined, which makes it all the more odd that such a vibrant and forward-looking state would have such an “Old School” GOP Progressive like Lindsey Graham as their lead Senator.

Graham is of that old school “Country Club Republican” faction that includes Orin Hatch, Mitch McConnell and John McCain, NONE of whom have been anything close to friends to Conservatives.

This wing of that Party were America’s FIRST and preeminent Progressives (Corporatists) led by the likes of the late Nelson Rockefeller. In fact, West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller was a Republican until 1966, at which time the Republican Corporatists (Progressives) made a successful hostile takeover of the Democratic Party. Today, BOTH the mainstream Democrats and the Moderate/“Country Club” Republicans are diehard Progressives/Corporatists. When JFK was killed, the United States of America was assassinated. His death marked the end of the original Democratic Party, that broad coalition of working class white ethnic Catholics and Southern Conservatives and the beginning of the melding of the two major political Parties into one great amorphous “Progressive block.”

STILL, South Carolina and...Lindsey Graham?

Seriously?...Lindsey fucking Graham?!

I kind of get Arizona and McCain. I mean Arizona is pretty much the Florida of the West, so a lot of folks there can probably relate to the amiable octogenarian, but South Carolina and...Lindsey Graham?

The guy’s an embarrassment, not just to the great state of South Carolina, but to the entire nation, as well.

Lindsey Graham can’t wait to abandon his home state. He’s run unsuccessfully for President at least four times. I guess he must be a little slow on the uptake as well, because he apparently doesn’t get the idea that America just isn’t that into him.

Recently, Donald Trump’s celebrity candidacy has thrown the annual kabuki theater of “Democrats vs Republicans” into disorder. We saw, Fox News, early on rabidly attack Trump, as the Democrats laughed.

Now that polls are showing Trump beating Hillary head-to-head, they’re not laughing...they’re piling on too.

But Trump’s been too media savvy so far. When he uses hyperbole, like “...I saw thousands and thousands of Muslims celebrating” the fall of the Twin Towers, he’s refused to back off, apologize or otherwise engage an increasingly frustrated media.

NOW, the Arts & Humanities majors in our media THINK they’ve got Trump by the short hairs. After all, his call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration is “racist” and “unconstitutional”...isn’t it?

Well, now that the Feds have acknowledged that we don’t have an effective “vetting process” (and virtually no vetting process for those who come to the U.S. from/through Europe) and that ISIS (NOT ISIL...“The Levant” happens to be an actual racist term that denies the existence of the state of Israel, by including that entire region as part of “The Levant”), a moratorium on such immigration does seem sensible, at least until such time as we can improve our vetting process.

The media knows this...soooo, they’re acting as if they didn’t hear Donald Trump correctly, and thus claiming that “It sounds like he’s looking to eliminate ALL Muslim immigration, period.”

Unfortunately for them, that’s not what Trump said.He's called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration until we can fix our broken system.

I’ve been noting that, “Not only is Sharia Law incompatible with Western Common Law, BUT the Sharia moral code, with its prescribed amputations, public executions, 2nd and 3rd class status for those of other faiths and 5th class status for those of “no faith,” and of course the mandated “Honor Killings” for those promiscuous female and gay male family members is antithetical to Western morality,” so I HAVE been in favor of banning Muslim immigration to BOTH Europe AND the USA, on the basis of the FACT that every Muslim, no matter how “moderate,” is grounded in Sharia morality and supports Sharia law. Yeah, that’s a problem for America. So for me, Donald Trump’s call for a MORATORIUM on such immigration doesn’t go nearly far enough to address an ongoing problem.

As to the Constitution, interestingly enough, while the U.S. Constitution DOES bar socialism by enshrining private property rights (private property rights are mentioned over 20 times in the Constitution, as is “the innate right to self-defense”), but it DOES NOT appear to enshrine multi-culturalism at all. In fact, it’s hard to even find any past of the Constitution that could be used to defend what is called multi-culturalism today. There is certainly no mention of a “right to immigrate to the U.S.”

So what does Lindsey Graham do? Well, considering that he’s foundering somewhere around 1% in the polls (a whopping 4% in his home state), he runs with the panicked media narrative of “Donald Trump racist.”

Graham’s comments were, “[Donald Trump] the views of my Party, or the values the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for...” (

Seriously?! That’s the position Graham wants to take in the wake of the ISIS inspired San Bernardino terror attack? Are these folks really going to double down on the Feds ability to prevent any further terror attacks and keep more Americans from embracing some fundamentally anti-Sharia views?

I don't see that as a very sound political bet.

It’s no different than those who assailed Trump as “anti-Hispanic” when he ranted over the criminal issues surrounding illegal immigration...less than a week later, as if on cue, Kate Steinle was murdered, execution style, by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a five-times deported felon and ILLEGAL immigrant, in a Sanctuary City.Suddenly the issue of violent crime and illegal immigration was front and center.

Trump’s timing has been impeccable and he’s also been fortunate in the way news cycle events have broken in his favor, BUT more than that, his opposition (in BOTH the media and political class) have failed miserably to (1) explain why the high costs of illegal immigration (ESPECIALLY the economic/loss of JOBS costs) are “worth it” and (2) why changing the demographic of the United States is so critically important.

There are voices out there that clearly and demonstratively assert WHY both those things are necessary, but our national media and our political class won’t touch them, because they fear they’ll “alienate many Americans” – translation, “That they’ll terrify white folks.”

I’ve been and REMAIN very skeptical about Donald Trump’s candidacy, BUT I have to say that the BEST/most effective campaign strategy of Donald Trump has been the confusion and incompetence of his opponents in BOTH the media and political class.

Right now, guys like Lindsey Graham and both the CNN and FNC news staffs are making Donald Trump look a LOT more viable.

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