Friday, November 6, 2015

Quentin Tarantino is a Pathetic Punk-Ass Beeyotch!....

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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is an all too real ghoul.
He is a gleeful profiteer off of the misery of inner city dysfunction. (…/931-quentin-tarantino-johnny-cash-a…/).

There's no redeeming social value to Quentin Tarantino's celluloid masturbation over the misery, violent crime and abject human dysfunction that ruins so many other lives.

And, as to prove himself a monster this Halloween season, this past Saturday, he slimed New York City's police in the wake of yet another police assassination (that of Randolph Holder, last week) as..."murderers." (…/police-union-calls-for-tarantino-boyco…/ &…/quentin-tarantino-marches-in-police-te…/)

The dimwitted dipshit, Tarantino, is a true hardcore punk.

This is the SAME dope who made a film (Inglorious Basterds, 2009) which turned the Nazis into the the heroes of that film. In this absurd flick Christopher Waltz plays a dashing Nazi "Jew Hunter," but instead of putting Waltz' character in any kind of demeaning light, the addle-brained Tarantino makes Waltz's character a smooth sophisticate, compared to the raw, hillbillyesque Brad Pitt character (Aldo Raine). Even in a scene where one of the leading Jewish anti-Nazis ("the Bear Jew") is introduced, it is the German Officer, who goes to his death with honor and courageous defiance!

WHAT exactly is the message supposed to be, there?

It seems to come across as the exact opposite as to what the idiotic Tarantino claimed it was supposed to be...."Proud Jews inflicting revenge upon the Nazis."


Then WHY make the Nazis the more honorable and integrity-laden characters?

What a DORK!

Look, like him, or not, at least Mel Gibson knows how to do propaganda. In his films there is no moral ambiguity...ALL the English villains (in Braveheart & The Patriot) are disgustingly venal, petty, morally bankrupt characters. You KNOW Gibson's villains by their completely corrupted characters. Maybe Tarantino should've stolen a few ideas from Gibson...then at least he might have had some ideas. Tarantino couldn't help but make urbane, sophisticates out of barbarous Nazis, the same way he glorifies lowlife thugs in his other films.

OR perhaps it was an antipathy toward all religion. "Why should Judaism be treated any better, or more respectfully than the Hollywood reviled Christianity?"


Then WHERE is the Tarantino film that slimed Islam? The Tarantino film that depicts Mohammed?

It DOESN'T EXIST, because Quentin Tarantino us EXACTLY what I said he is....and a coward to boot. Yes, very much like the rest of "Leftist" Hollywood.

Tarantino showed the world very clearly what he was this past Saturday...a pathetic punk. Sliming cops under the blanket of the safety those cops provide ESPECIALLY for such well-heeled people as himself.

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