Friday, November 6, 2015

Ben Carson and Islam

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Ben Carson is absolutely right about Islam. That's NOT Dr. Carson's fault at all.

He's absolutely right that Sharia Law is absolutely incompatible with the U.S. Constitution AND that Sharia (Islam's moral code) is irreconcilably incompatible with Western morality.

Among other things, Sharia Law MANDATES the stoning of gays and adulterers. I support ANY Muslim country's right to adhere to that moral code. IT is NOT "barbaric," AND anyone who calls it that is a religious bigot.

That said, I DO NOT adhere to, nor support Sharia Law and like most Westerners don't revile gays, or adulterers and wouldn't subject them to death, as Sharia's moral code would dictate...UNLESS Sharia Law came to be instituted here. Then I'd "Go along, to get along," so long as gays and adulterers were "given fair warning."

HOWEVER, as I've noted numerous times, I very much DO like the Muslim/Sharia dictate of us each having "A mutual responsibility to society," which demands that a violent offender be subjected to the EXACT violence inflicted upon the victim. Beat someone with a hammer and you get beaten with a hammer, rape someone and you get get the idea. I also like the dictate that BOTH sides in EVERY transaction must "demonstrate an understanding and ability to meet/fulfill the obligations of that contract." However, despite my personal preference for more...uhhh....draconian methods of punishment for violent offenders, I fully acknowledge that even my own greatly modified and highly qualified acceptance of SOME aspects of Sharia morality is wholly inconsistent with prevailing Western morality.

As Ben Carson VERY correctly suggests, no true Muslim could abide by the "tolerance" and "non-judgmentalism" that are hallmarks of modern Western morality. Sharia Law and Sharia morality, under the rule of such "leaders" would HAVE TO supplant/replace our Western morality and legal canons.

ALL those who've excoriated Ben Carson on his stand opposing a Sharia-adhering Muslim (there is NO other kind, as EVERY Muslim, radicalized, or "Moderate" supports and adheres to Sharia) as President, have NO GROUND upon which to oppose the forced imposition of Sharia Law, nor even advocate for the reform of Sharia's moral code, because they themselves DIDN'T qualify, or make clear their own objections to "a Sharia-adhering Muslim," which would've amounted to ONLY being OK with a non-devout, or non-practicing Muslim.

I get it, that would've been a cop out, so it was best left unstated, BUT it also completely removes ANY objection by such people against a devout Muslim leader seeking to replace existing Western morality with Sharia's moral code and our current Western legal canons with those of Sharia Law, as that is precisely what Ben Carson objected to....the replacement of our Western moral code with that of Sharia's. In short, ALL those who've excoriated Ben Carson on the subject of a Muslim U.S. President, have tacitly endorsed Sharia, INCLUDING its lethal strictures against homosexuality and adultery.

I oppose Sharia Law and would happily support the slaughter of any and ALL adherents who would bring that abomination to the West....especially those (BOTH Muslim and Westerners) who would seek to bring Sharia's morality to the West "peacefully," as they'd be easier to slaughter...and EASIER is always preferable to harder.

Those who've opposed Ben Carson's stand have no moral ground on which to oppose the imposition of Sharia on the West...and worse still, CAN'T be trusted by either side in the inevitable conflict between Sharia and the West.

That's indicative of a very serious problem here in the West.

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