Tuesday, September 15, 2015

THIS is the Way the Dolts in the National Media Respond to The People's Righteous Anger...

The editor at the WaPo specifically directed his minions to "Go after these rogue elements, boosting Trump, Carson & Sanders."....But ESPECIALLY Trump.

The cartoon below is the response.

Kind of pathetic in it's ineffective tepidness.

Looks like the NY Times and the WaPo don't have the weapons they once did.

The Trump vote, like the Sanders vote (Seriously?...a 75 y/o self-proclaimed "socialist" INDEPENDENT is now trouncing Hillary...) are the people's "No Confidence" vote AGAINST the political/media class.

The sole reason for that is the voting public has lost faith in the accepted government managers. Real "leaders" must be the kind of people you look up to, not the kinds of people you "could have a beer with," or perhaps see them making YOU look good.

Since the assassination of JFK, the latter is pretty much what we've had.

It doesn't really matter that the truth about PT-109 may have merited a Court Marshall over a commendation, what matters is how "Jack" Kennedy was perceived thereafter and after the release of his own work, "Profiles in Courage."

ALL of the managers of that day were "better people," or, at least, seen as better people, and that's NOT just the politicians, the media managers (from Edward R. Murrow, to Walter Cronkite, to Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, the media managers had some class and a decent amount of decorum). For better, or worse, LBJ was (probably rightly) seen as a shit-kicking goober, who failed in Vietnam and mismanaged a massive "War on Poverty," followed up by the deeply character-flawed Richard Nixon. By the end of the Jimmy Carter debacle, an actor turned politician (Ronald Reagan) would appear as an "Old School Icon) compared to the previous 3 Presidents (LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter). Since the Reagan era, Bush Sr. blatantly lied with his "Read My Lips..." fiasco, then onto a collection of "Buddy Presidents," guys folks could see themselves having a beer with...or, in more recent incarnations, smoking a bong with.

Despite his Rhodes Scholar standing, the very best part of Bill Clinton was his "inner goober." G W Bush worked hard to cultivate his "Aw shucks" caricature of "the common man," and Barack Obama, has actually had to work hard to hide the things (his College grades, etc.) that would make him appear sub-par!

In short, the political/media class richly EARNED this....and now they've got to find a way to fix it, BUT it looks like they need engineers, while all they have are some mediocre "English majors," like Tole here.
It doesn't look at all good for them right now. Worse still, they're still in denial, foolishly believing that, "Most of these people will come around...to the only game in town."

Only....they're NOT "the only game in town" anymore.

And it's mostly the media's fault. They're the ones who've "screwed the pooch," as they say.

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