Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's NOT Trump....It's YOU...

Are the people in the political/media class THAT slow on the uptake, or what?

The common refrain these days is, "These voters must be crazy to be voting for a guy like Donald Trump.

Hmmmmmm.....guys and gals of the political/media class, I hate to be the one to break this to you folks,'s NOT about Trump.

It's ALL about YOU!

The Trump vote, as well as the Sanders vote, to a lesser extent the Carson and Fiorina votes, but especially the Trump vote is a letter from America's voters to the political/media class;

"Dear political/media class,

We think you're all bigger assholes than Donald Trump.

You suck so bad, we'll take anyone, even an unknown truck driver like Robert Gray (who just won the Democratic nomination for Governor of Mississippi;…/an-unknown-truck-driver-just…) over dipshits like yourselves.

PLEASE exit the stage gracelessly. It's the only thing you're remotely amusing at doing.

P.S. Turn out the lights at the DNC and RNC on your way out.

Love ya's....NOT!

America's Voters"

America's voters are politely (at this point) but bluntly telling the Corporate managers of the country to, in so many words, "F*ck OFF!"

Now, it's understandable that they don't exactly want to hear this, but...there it is. There's no "getting back in their good graces," there's no "making things right"....there's just WALKING AWAY.

It gets uglier and nastier after this, so, the existing political/media class SHOULD just walk away NOW!

It doesn't look like they're ready to take that hike...just yet.

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