Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Ongoing RACIST Anti-Police Movement is Doing Real Harm to America

An Alabama man has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly beating a Birmingham police officer with his own gun until he didn't move

OUTRAGE in Alabama! Cop assaulted by EDP.

In a BETTER AGE, Police Officers were strictly instructed to "Never take a suspect who shot at police in alive," AND to take those who've assaulted police officers into the ICU....They can be booked from there." Today, we allegedly live in a "kinder, gentler" age, but "kinder and gentler" whom?

YES, in the case highlighted below, in large measure, I blame any cop for losing his gun to a suspect, as that usually comes with deadly results, BUT in the aftermath, I blame responding officers for taking this guy in in one piece. Janard Cunningham SHOULD HAVE been shot dead...while "resisting arrest with violence," of course. In the not too distant past, in many Southern and Western locales, when a cop intended to "put a particularly vile, or dangerous suspect down," they'd say something like, "You spit on my hand. Wipe it off!" When the suspect reached out, he was shot in the act of "Going for the officer's gun."

Similarly, in Arlington TX. recently released car dealership surveillance video shows that that 19 y/o College football player Christian Taylor went on a 20 minute rampage at a local car dealership before being confronted by Police ( In this case too, a struggle subsequent to the arrest also allegedly ensued., resulting in Christian Taylor being shot.

Civilians have NO RIGHT to challenge or confront police. The penalties for that are far too lenient and those MUST be addressed going forward.

The death penalty for felony assault on a police officer is NOT, in my view, either all that draconian, nor overly harsh.

The courts exist to remedy charges of police misconduct. For those who'd choose to challenge and confront police physically, the death penalty SHOULD BE on the table. For daring to challenge an officer verbally "felony resisting arrest" charges SHOULD BE mandated.

Meanwhile, in Ferguson, MO. on the 1-Year anniversary of Michael Brown's dying in an attack on Police Officer Darren Wilson, "Gunfire erupted and a man was shot and critically injured by police here late Sunday night during protests marking the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who was fatally shot by a white Ferguson police officer one year ago.

"St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said the man was shot after opening fire on an unmarked police SUV shortly before midnight, following a day of peaceful protests and remembrances that gave way to tense standoffs between law enforcement and residents." (

Guess which story the media ignored today?

If you guessed the vicious assault on that Alabama Police Officer, you are right!

The media/political class, are, for the most part cowards. They will NOT stand up to an enraged traditionalist middle class. They have no stomach for that. More than that, they realize that the vast majority of the police, Military Veterans, other emergency workers, construction workers and small business owners are all counted among the enemies of today's political/media class. That is evidenced by the widespread rejection of the political/media class with the improbable (and embarrassing to that class) poll numbers of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and even Robert Gray, the Mississippi truck driver who recently won the Democratic Primary for that State's Governorship (…/truck-driver-wins-dem-nomination-fo… AND…/…/08/robert_gray_doesnt_vote_wins_m.html).

That group (the traditionalist American middle class) just needs the right spark. After that, the Leftist ideologues of the political/media class can be counted on to turn and run.

They ALWAYS do.

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