Sunday, August 30, 2015

Shannon Miles - Poster Child for the "Black Lives Matter" Movement

Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth

In the wake of a cowardly murder of a Sheriff's Deputy in Harris, Texas, in which a male mammal crept up on Officer Darren Goforth like a sniveling "sneak thief," the male mammal in question (Shannon Miles, pictured below) has been arrested and charged in that case. (…/slain-texas-deputy-law-enforcemen…/961654/)

I've seen articles that editorialized that, "According to witnesses, a man snuck up on the Sheriff's Deputy and shot him from behind without saying a word. A weapon from Goforth's shooting was recovered, and ballistics tests "indicate it is a match" with a weapon belonging to Miles, Hickman said. Miles has a previous criminal record that includes trespassing, resisting arrest with violence and disorderly conduct with a firearm, he said."

All fine, EXCEPT, Shannon Miles is NOT a "man." He is more accurately described simply as a "male mammal," not quite fully human, to be sure, any more than James Holmes, Jared Loughner Seung-Hui Cho, among other killers were "men."

THIS is the disease that is the "Black Lives Matter"/BLM Movement. It is not only an ANTI-Police, but a PRO-Black Thug movement.

It's primary thrust is that "Black thug's lives matter too."

They DO NOT!

Every thug (of every background) is "an enemy of society," and as such, those "lives" really DO NOT matter.

The thug/violent felon is the ultimate "useless eater" - one who contributes nothing, but sucks up a disproportionate amount of energy, food and other resources. They are, in EVERY appreciable way, a net cost, or drag upon society. They produce NOTHING and destroy whatever they touch.
Moreover, this is exactly what this "movement" has wanted from the start...a thug's war on America's Police.

While it's vital to note that this is NOT so much a "black vs white" issue, as it IS a lowlife vs producer issue. The vast majority of African-Americans are hard-working, decent people. Many are in law enforcement themselves. AND a LOT of the anti-Police violence has been orchestrated and manipulated by OSW-type whites and much of the "protesting"/rioting has been reportedly paid for by wealthy Far-Left WHITES, like George Soros among others. That’s a BIG part of all this.

This issue is primarily IDEOLOGICAL, not ETHNIC. Right now, it's black police officers, court & corrections officers who are most vulnerable....seen as "traitors" by black thugs and looked on warily by worried whites.

Just as the anti-cop movement is multi-ethnic, the pro-cop, anti-thug movement must also be multi-ethnic.

The entire BLM movement must be fully investigated, although the current DoJ is obviously not to be trusted with that job. A new administration MUST come in and immediately clean house at the DoJ, reorganize the FBI and set an entirely different tone than the current one that's been set by an ineffectual "Community Organizer."

Many questions must be answered in such an investigation. What other affiliations does this group have? Have the OWS (Occupy Wall Street), SEIU and other such groups been supportive of BLM, and if so, in what ways? It certainly seems so, as there was a plethora of white faces present in Ferguson and Baltimore. What role did they play in the violence in those locations?

There are widespread reports of "protesters" being paid in Ferguson, Baltimore and other locales. Where did that money come from?

Can a concerned citizen actually be indicted for criminal offenses merely for paying for such protests"?
Absolutely, they can!

Charges can start with "inciting to riot," "disturbing the peace," and other ancillary ones can be piled on from there. All that's necessary is a criminal justice system that is not only willing, but eager to entertain and fully prosecute such charges.

Go after the sources of the money and the air goes right out of such movements almost immediately.
Go after the finances of the moneyed sources and the law licenses of those who support such movements and all of that "support" will simply evaporate.

The start to all of that lies in making a major change in the Executive Branch of our government. Hillary Clinton is already deeply wounded and even worse scandals appear to be on the horizon. Bernie Sanders is a 74 y/o Left-wing dinosaur...enough said.

Behind Trump, Ben Carson is now firmly in 2nd place among the GOP hopefuls, and Carly Fiorina is moving up fast. NONE of those are members of the "political/media class." ALL of them can be counted as true "outsiders." AND it seems that an outsider is what's needed to fully and effectively clean house at the DoJ and rearrange the FBI, the NSA, etc.

All of that, of course, is merely Step 1....Step 2 would come in the form of wealthy Conservatives and Libertarians, or cartels comprised of the same, buying up the major media outlets and wresting them from the existing "political class."

Right now, sad to say, America's existing political/media class constitutes "An entrenched enemy within."

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