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In The AGE of Corporatism The First Casualty is Truth

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Under Corporatism, BOTH Capitalism & Socialism are meaningless, as they are ultimately and roundly redefined in the image of corporatism.

Today, Socialism no longer centers around the eradication of private property & private enterprise, but is reduced to merely expanding the social safety net, while Capitalism no longer centers around free and unregulated markets, but instead the nebulous "market-based economy" managed by a partnership between big business and big government that excludes new competitors in already established markets and in the process, reduces both competition and its most productive offshoot - innovation.

After all, property taxes have effectively made all privately “owned” property, "the property of the state" and the market-based or "Consumer Demand" economy is now overwhelmingly accepted as superior to the "Command" or government-run economy, so we're left to quibble around the edges (the size of the social safety net vs incentives to work and increasing or decreasing property tax rates, etc.).

Just as many Americans cannot seem to find France on a map, or know when the Civil War ended, or even know who the U.S. gained their independence from, few Americans today can accurately define “Socialism” or “Capitalism.”

In today’s Corporatist world, anti-Corporate “progessives” (an oxymoron) and those who subscribe to that astro-turfed ideology ARE a sad joke. Anti-Corporate "progressives" don't even seem to realize that their entire "movement" is pre-packaged by the very Corporations they claim to revile.

Their true hate is reserved for their "fellow man," at least those who disagree with the pre-packaged pseudo-elitism they’ve bought into. Theirs is a deep seated misanthropy...not just a hatred of those that "just don't get it," but ultimately of human life itself. These are the most hypocritical pseudo-elitists – so-called “progressives” who claim to believe in "the equality of all," but who, in actuality, look down on others and see themselves as "elite." Within the true “equality” of Socialism, there is no acceptance of any “elite.”

That’s also why the “team sports” nature of contemporary politics is so pathetic...AND why the political/media class laughs at and looks down upon “rabble” as “rubes,” and gets angry when the electorate even flirts with “outsiders,” from Donald Trump to Carly Fiorina to Ben Carson to Bernie Sanders.

“Team sports” politics is SUPPOSED TO BE “the order of the day.” We’re all supposed buy into this pre-packaged Pablum. We are all programmed to accept the na├»ve view that, “The Democrats are the Party of the people,” and “The Republicans are the Conservative Party,” when BOTH are entirely Corporatist and corporately owned through and through.

The Democrats haven’t been a Party of ANY “people” since they ceased being the representative Party of Southern whites (“the Dixiecrats”) and white ethnic Catholics in the North. Today, they are the “Goldman-Sachs, BP-Amocco, ADM, GE” political team, while the GOP is the “Exxon-Mobil, R J Reynolds, Chase, Halliburton, Citibank” political team.

As to the ethnic pride that once fueled the pre-Southern Strategy Democratic Party, I never really got the fierce ethnic pride a lot of folks just naturally exhibit...perhaps (even probably) because I'm an amalgam (an amalgamation of different ethnicities - Irish, Italian, Corsican, a few other assorted Europeans) and never understood feeling pride over things we had no hand, nor choice in - a pride over "mere accidents of birth."

To me, some of that "pride" always seemed rooted in insecurity, but you can never be sure about such things.

Earning, on the other hand, is NOT at all accidental. We all SHOULD take rightful pride in that which we earn and produce. If you should build a house, then sell it, only to return many years later, by then, that house may have been altered and expanded over the years, so that when you step back into that house there will be some striking changes, but fundamentally it will be the same, because the guts of that house, the foundation if it all is YOU.

THAT is the measure of what we've EARNED...that which we produced or built. Today, many “progressive Corporatists” revile “racism,” but embrace the ideology of Nazism embodied in Hitler’s famous charge, “We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” There are probably as many as 5% of Americans today who embrace such Nazistic ideals as “good and decent.” Today’s “progressive” Democratic Party has chosen to embrace that fringe rather than associate with the racists of its past. Hard to say which one’s worse, but it’s NOT at all hard to see which one is more marginal – the Nazis.

This pervasive Corporatism is why cronyism, greed and corruption are the order of our present day.

And IF cronyism, greed and corruption are the primary issues (and they ARE), then the likes of Hillary (& Bill) Clinton, G. W. Bush, Barack Obama, John McCain et al, are THE problem...and NOT part of the solution.

Virtually EVERYTHING taught to us in school is WRONG.

ALL of us are in infected with "GREED." The poor man first wants to live/survive...then he wants to thrive and then he wants more...and MORE. The working person wants to “get the most for their money,” so thinks nothing of hiring illegal immigrants/“undocumented workers” for work around their homes, while at the very SAME time hypocritically bashing Corporations for outsourcing AND in-sourcing (hiring cheap illegal/undocumented workers) their own workforces, because that harms the working class. THAT’S “greed” – begrudging others the right to do what YOU routinely do yourself.

While there's nothing wrong with striving (working as hard as you can to “get ahead”) there is VERY MUCH everything wrong with "wanting a piece of what someone else produces.” That is beyond greed. THAT amounts to a perverse gluttony.

The educated members ("leaders") of groups like OWS and other misnamed "Social Justice Warriors" are gluttons, led by & funded by the world’s biggest glutton alive – George Soros.

So, HOW, you might well ask, could a Trump be an antidote to this gluttony? ONLY by running as an "ANTI-SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR." By championing striving, over gluttony, which is what he’s offered to least in his words. No other “mainstream’ candidate would dare to do even that.

For all his faults, Donald Trump has been a striver, NOT a glutton...a producer, NOT a one possessed of an entitlement to what others have earned.

That is why we have no need for the pseudo-elites of today, nor any of the other gluttons who are all so comfortable and so immersed in their own gluttony that they can’t even see the depths of their own gluttony – they no longer can even perceive how gluttonous they truly are.

Real change, NOT the pre-packaged kind is in the air and we can either embrace it peacefully, or await its violent backdoor arrival.

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