Monday, July 20, 2015

Highlighting MORE Racism, From Different Backgrounds STILL Highlights....RACISM

This is a sad story for all involved...AND a story about the real and very positive value of whistleblowers (people going public with "inside information").

This Ohio teacher's bigoted abuse of a handicapped child was reported by her own teacher's aide.

The sad fact is that there are ignorant mutts from EVERY group and from EVERY background, BUT the vast majority of people; black, white and other aren't as obsessed with race as our politicians are...and WANT us to be.

The "race issue" is a divide and conquer strategy...and it works! It's worked EVERY time that it's been used.

It's also a great distraction, from the fact that you're getting ripped off every day...NOT by your neighbors of a different background, but the politicians...the "political class."

The really depressing thing is that it seems that not enough of us will ever fully wake up.

You know what would be truly subversive to the political class and their race strategy? 

To highlight positive interactions between people of different backgrounds...but we'd have to find them ourselves. The media doesn't cover such stories. They don't fit their corporate master's agenda.

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