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Rachel Dolezal, the Poster Child for the Bullying “Victim”

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Rachel Dorezal

There’s something I’ve viscerally disliked about Rachel Dolezal from the start and that aversion has only grown as more and more information has come out over her sordid “back story.” (…/rachel-dolezal-no-biological-proo…)

Over the past half century we’ve witnessed a mad rush to the highly valued and widely preferred “victim’s status.” That gold rush to victim’s status is behind the increasing balkanization of American society. In its name, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation all become currencies, worse still, they’ve become a weapon which the allegedly “oppressed” are able to wield against their alleged “oppressors.”

Oddly enough, there are NO “oppressors,” and there aren’t any actual “victims” around today - no former slaves, and women of working age today, have grown up, NOT in an age when women have had to fight to have a chance to get into some fields, but in an age when females have been preferred. White women have historically been the biggest beneficiaries of affirmative action’s preferences, primarily because too few blacks have been able to meet even the minimum standards to take advantage of those preferences, which is why such preferences haven’t helped many low-income blacks at all, instead going to the scions of African-American physicians and attorneys and white women.

Likewise, individuals never initiated the discriminations of the past, government did. Private businesses and industry historically fought against such government policies. The Abolitioonist Movement was led primarily by northern whites, who fought unsuccessfully with an intransigent government.

So, in effect, the SAME straight white males who once initiated segregation, Jim Crow laws, barred women from vioting and anti-sodomy statutes are also the SAME straight white males who ended all those things.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the professionally aggrieved from seeking advantage in any way they can.

On that score, Rachel Dolezal is a true champ.

By all accounts Ms. Dolezal grew up in a very comfortable home amidst a very socially liberal family in the Pacific Northwest.

Her parents later adopted four African-American children and somewhere along the line, young Rachel decided that claiming a different racial classification might well enhance her “victimhood.” Instead of merely being just another plain vanilla (no pun intended) female, she could, with a few minor “enhancements,” become a coveted “two-for.”

But before, she fully developed her “trans-racial” act, she took Howard University to court for...(you probably guessed it)...discrimination. To be specific, she took the historically black College to court for discriminating against a pregnant, white woman.

Apparently, as far back as 2002 Rachel Dolezal had seen the benefit in claiming multiple victim’s roles to bully others.
She lost that court case, but that apparently only emboldened her own personal “victim’s status” crusade.

In recent interviews, Ms. Dolezal appears to have convinced herself that no matter how much of a bully she is toward others, it is SHE, who is the “real victim.” With that personal worldview, the NAACP, a professional grievance entity, had to be a perfect fit for a fellow professionally aggrieved “victim.”

Organizations like the NAACP and the national Action Network use the poorest and most ignorant urban blacks as cannon fodder for their own gain. None of the well-connected beneficiaries seem to have any problem allowing scores of young, urban blacks to get arrested and often injured (or worse) to boot, in violently resisting arrest, for their own personal gain.

They KNOW that none of those marchers they promise to pay $10 to $15 per hour are going to get any of the jobs they attempt to wrangle out of the companies they shake down, those go to their well-connected and generally better educated friends. Theirs amounts to a shell game, pointing at the poor inner city teen, while wrangling a 2nd or 3rd (consulting) position for a well-off and well-connected attorney or other staffer who’s worked for the entity.

Yes, the “victim’s status” game has long been a scam and worse than that, it’s allowed the weak, the incompetent, the less competitive and less productive to bully stronger, more competent, more productive people by cashing in on their claimed “victim’s status” with the help of our sympathetic courts.

ALL of that has had a disastrous impact on America’s economy over the past few decades and it’s something that must stop, as it has the seeds of its own destruction sewn into the very fabric of its design.

Just how much of a bully has Rachel Dolezal been? She apparently, according to her parents, made up sexual abuse claims against her own biological brother (Joshua Dolezal) in order to bolster her claim to adopt one of her adopted African-American brothers as her "son." (…/346321-nothing-wrong-with-this-…/…) In 2013, Joshua was charged with four felony counts of sex abuse of a minor. The incidents, according to an affidavit made public, happened at his parents’ home in Colorado “in 2001 or 2002.” The victim “was 6 or 7 years old,” and Joshua Dolezal was “19 years older.”

The abuse was reported in 2013 and Joshua was arrested in 2014. According to the affidavit, the victim came forward because Joshua has a young daughter who the accuser claims "didn’t want to see victimized." Dolezal will be tried in August.

Mr. and Mrs. Dolezal have alleged that Rachel “orchestrated” the allegations against her brother to legally adopt her adopted black brother Izaiah as her own son. Izaiah lives with Rachel in Spokane and was present along with her biological son from her marriage to Kevin Moore (which ended in 2004).

She also may have falsified death threats to herself!

At the end of February this year, Rachel Dolezal claimed to have received packages containing documents outlining death threats against her. It was reported locally in the Spokane media, as KREM2 shared the story early in March.

As reported by KREM2 on March 10th – “Spokane Police said that this is an ongoing investigation and a top priority, but cannot comment on the case and how long it make take to finish. Members of the Spokane Human Rights Commission want to keep talking about the case until then.
“The people who sent in the package have still not been caught, police are still investigating who they are or what group they belong to.”

The original threats were sent and received in February (reported in early March).
In May the second package arrived, clearly postmarked from Oakland California, and was identified as being the same origin as the February threat.

In a subsequent investigation begun by a Spokane Mayor’s ethics commission, tasked with determining whether Ms. Dolezal violated policy for a city Police Ombudsman’s Commission position last year by lying about race on her application, the taxpayer funds she used to travel have now been subject to review and possible reimbursement.

The first trip Dolezal took on the taxpayer dime as part of her Ombudsman Commission responsibility was a February training session for Risk Management in Law Enforcement. Within those travel documents (receipts for reimbursement and now public record) we find Ms. Dolezal took her first taxpayer funded trip, in February, to visit to OAKLAND CALIFORNIA.

So, now publically available documents now show that Ms. Dolezal was in the same place the original threatening package was mailed from, just shortly before that original package arrived in her NAACP office. Hmmmmm, that seems more than merely curious.

Clearly, Ms. Dolezal appears to be a woman with a long and troubled emotional history. Maybe “liberalism”/“progressivism” really IS an emotional disturbance!”

Still, there just might be a silver lining in Rachel Dolezal’s trans-racial narrative. Perhaps there is something to the idea of trans-racialism, something that can be used to the good.

After all, many of our colleges now teach that it’s wrong to even talk in “hetero-normative” terms (assuming everyone has a Mom & Dad, etc.), or “cis-normative” terms (assuming that everyone identifies with the gender that they present), perhaps we could take a very real step toward shutting down the entire ethnic/racial grievance industry by making it taboo to even talk about race and racial oppression as that is “race-normative,” (assuming that everyone identifies with the race that they present)! 
Obviously some people don’t.

There certainly are worse things to ponder.

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