Monday, May 25, 2015

This is an Interesting Article as it Highlights the Stigma of Bypassing Traditional Standards...

 Latino firefighters say they were forced to take race-based promotions or face never being promoted at all as part of a policy the fire department says aims to boost diversity in management positions.

Here in New York City, Hispanic firefighters were NOT a part of the initial lawsuit brought against the City's (1999 and 2002) Entrance Exams. They were put on that lawsuit by a federal judge and then denied compensatory damages, as those were only made available for black applicants. (…/payouts-start-flowing-in-fdny-discrimi…/).

In Chicago, Hispanic firefighters who'd passed the Lieutenants exam, claim they were "bullied" into accepting quota promotions when the city told members who'd bypassed such promotions twice, that if they passed it up a third time, they'd be taken off the list they earned the right to be on by passing the exams. SEE: 

Latino Firefighters Bullied Into Taking Race-Based Promotions, They Say


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