Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nigerian Student Proves Foes of Afirmative Action's Racial Preferences.....RIGHT!

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Harold Ekeh

A Long Island high school student has been accepted into all 8 Ivy League Colleges and he's done it on MERIT. (…/meet-the-student-accepted-into-all-eig…/)
Elmont Memorial High School senior Harold Ekeh has a grade-point average of 100.5 percent, a whopping SAT score of 2270 and was a semifinalist for the national Intel Science Talent Search.

He is the second African immigrant to accomplish that feat, Kwasi Enin, 18, the son of Ghanaian immigrants from Mastic Beach, LI, achieved the Ivy League sweep last year. Kwasi Enin now attends Yale.

For years now, Nigerians have been seen as the most educated group in the U.S. As this 2008 article attests;…/Data-show-Nigerians-the-most-educate…

And Harold Ekeh does not fit the mold of the "impoverished, struggling immigrant." In an interview, he said, “My parents left comfortable lives in Nigeria for their kids to have opportunities. So I take advantage of every single opportunity that has been afforded to me.”

Like other races, blacks in America are very bifurcated, with HUGE disparities between various groups. Today, African and Caribbean blacks comprise fully 1/3rd of blacks in America, even though the numbers of African-Americans has shrunk from just over 13% to 12% today....due mostly to the fact that the abortion rate for blacks in the U.S. is staggeringly high (over 35% of all abortions nationwide). In NYC nearly 70% of all black pregnancies end in abortion.

IF anything, the success of such immigrant groups proves that those paternalistic supporters of race-based preferences are woefully misguided at best, or motivated by a lingering and pernicious bigotry at worst.

Standards are NOT meant to measure all those who meet the MINIMUM standards and then allow the results to be chosen (at will) from among that HUGE pool. No, standards are RIGHTLY in place to reward excellence and punish mediocrity. Although not getting into the College of your choice or the job you may want is NOT exactly a "punishment" when it's your fault for not competing more effectively.

There's no question that someone with a 4.0 GPA is usually a BETTER candidate for post-graduate education than a candidate with a 3.6 GPA. BOTH are "qualified," however one is deemed "MORE qualified."

THAT's what standards exist for.

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