Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Law & Order Side of Mayor DeBlasio

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New York City CCRB

At least TWO recent moves by current Mayor Bill DeBlasio would probably make Rudy Giuliani beam. On Thursday (March 12th, 2015) the Mayor proposed putting new restrictions on visits to Rikers Island, one of which would, in effect, bar those with criminal records from visiting altoether. (…/de-blasio-seeks-new-restrictions-on-ri…)

He has also apparently pushed the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) to begin instituting AND prosecuting perjury charges against those who bring false complaints against police officers. The next time someone files a complaint against police that is "unfounded" (a/k/a "false") they may wind up facing criminal perjury charges.

The PBA is rightfully skeptical about the CCRB's apparent "change of heart," but it certainly SEEMS like a step in the right direction.

Bottom line, enforcement (from local Police to the FBI & IRS) are "the BUSINESS end of government." From government's standpoint, most criminal acts deprive government of much needed tax revenues, whether it's selling untaxed cigarettes, or other contraband, or doing harm to others - putting that person out of work and probably costing the government money in medical and other expenses - violent crime costs local, state and the federal government BIG!

While the current Mayor hasn't had a stellar record on law and order, with many feeling he sympathizes too much with "hard scrabble" felons, he DOES deserve credit when he does something right....and these two things certainly seem to fit that bill.

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