Saturday, March 7, 2015

India’s Rape Epidemic

Jyoti Singh, widely referred to as Nirbhaya

WoW! This is staggering! I'd heard about India's "rape epidemic," but this BBC report titled "India's Daughter is extremely disturbing on so many levels.

A young Indian medical student (Jyoti Singh, widely referred to as Nirbhaya) on her way home from a movie (The Life of Pi) is gang raped and murdered on a bus in Delhi. One of the killers subsequently explains why women shouldn't be out after dark..."doing wrong things and wearing wrong clothes." he added that they had a right to "teach her a lesson."

As a sidebar, THIS kind of savagery shows EXACTLY why violent crime is so dysgenic. In this instance, India loses a promising young medical student and left behind are five low-life's who combined couldn't replace the talents they snuffed out that night.

The Indian government has banned the documentary in that country and sought to get the BBC not to air it, as it continues seeking to get it taken down from YouTube and other such sites.

Just like some stains just don't wash out, there are some sick, twisted things you just can't educate out of people. THIS is a global disgrace.

See the entire documentary:

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