Monday, December 15, 2014

Rape Coach SHOULD be Prosecuted

While only controversial, offensive, even radical and revolutionary speech NEEDS the protections of the 1st Amendment, speech that incites, or guides people on how to conduct and get away with criminal behavior is NOT protected speech.

In 2011 Phillip Greaves was extradited to Florida for writing, publishing and selling a controversial book considered a “how-to” for pedophiles. Mr. Greaves pleaded no contest to the criminal charges brought against him for publishing that work.

Tragically Greaves only got extended probation (a travesty), but it clearly demonstrates that such cases CAN and SHOULD BE prosecuted despite the squeamishness of some prosecutors.

Hmmmm, where are the likes of Ronnie Earle, Rosemary Lehmberg and John Chisholm (various D.A.’s who found the stomach to prosecute mere disagreement with their own preferred ideology) when you need to “push the envelope” a little?

All this brings us to self-professed “dating coach,” Julien Blanc, a disgusting rube, who apparently makes a living as a “rape coach,” only euphemistically calling himself a “dating coach.”

Julien Blanc with his “Diss Fatties, Bang Hotties” Tee

CNN had him on this morning (a questionable strategy, as thugs like this crave attention), so Julien Blanc could make his public mea culpa, despite a plethora of online videos that show him demonstrating how to manhandle women.

Yes, instructing guys on “how to rape,” SHOULD BE as easily prosecutable as instructing pedophiles on “how to abduct children.”

Since Julien Blanc claims he’s never raped or assaulted a woman himself, then apparently, he’s a rape coach, who gets off on teaching others how to rape and otherwise abuse women.

As the Phillip Greaves case clearly shows, such instruction CAN be prosecuted criminally...and it SHOULD BE!

THIS amounts to instructing on rape and abuse;

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