Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WHY Does Promoting “Diversity” so Often Result in Promoting Mediocrity?

Julia Pierson

Today, we see yet another example of a failed “diversity first” program as Julia Pierson the first female to head the U.S. Secret Service has shit the proverbial bed.

Under Pierson’s tenure security has been lax (alarm volumes lowered because of “complaints from the 1st Family”), morale has been low and now, apparently, basic procedures not followed.

And why not? Across the country subpar (subprime) candidates have been forced into Police and Fire Departments by those who’ve inanely argued that “standards often amount to deliberate barriers against certain minorities (to wit blacks) and females.

When standards are lowered workforces are diminished that hardly needs to be proven, but every assessment of such policies (“diversity first”) has shown “significant reductions of workforce quality in relatively short order.”

The incident that finally has Ms. Pierson under fire appears now to be the first of many screw-ups to get any traction and this one has raised eyebrows primarily because of the blatant lies initially disseminated by that Department.

Instead of a “man apprehended while attempting to climb a White House fence,” what REALLY happened was that a deranged man (42-year-old, Omar Gonzalez) who’d been arrested in Virginia just two months before the incident, after being discovered with a sawed-off shotgun and a map marking the White House stashed in his car. Virginia authorities confiscated the weapons but concluded he wasn’t a threat to the president.

About a month later, officers spotted Gonzales wandering along the south fence with a hatchet in his waistband. They determined they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him.

Gonzalez’s motives aren’t clear: Though he had armed himself with 3 ½ inch knife, he claims his only intent was to warn the president that the “atmosphere was collapsing.” Still, the fact that a man repeatedly flagged by Secret Service managed to make it so far into what was once considered most secure residence in the nation is troubling.

The Secret Service Uniformed Division claims it maintains “five rings” of protection to create a secure perimeter around the executive mansion, but in this case, it was a counterassault agent patrolling the interior – an agent who was never supposed to come face-to-face with a would-be fence jumper – who eventually subdued Gonzalez.

The first apparent failure came at the North Gate, where a plainclothes surveillance team posted outside the gate failed to notice Gonzalez clambering over the eight-foot fence.

Then, in quick succession, a guard booth officer, SWAT team, and K-9 unit all failed to respond.

According to the Associated Press, agents decided to hold their fire when they wrongly assessed that Gonzalez wasn’t carrying weapons (he was), nor was he wearing clothing that could easily conceal explosives.

They allowed Gonzales to dart into the White House, which the first family had just left minutes before.

As well intentioned as our politically correct championing of “diversity first” might be, it has morphed into a war against quality.

When some misguided, misconstrued concept of “diversity” undermines quality, then “diversity” must be completely redefined, or jettisoned altogether.

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