Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barack Obama’s Odd Easter Service.....

The First family attended Easter Services at the Shiloh Baptist Church (pictured above) in D.C. on Easter Sunday, but the Reverend Dr. Wallace Smith came off sounding strangely reminiscent of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

“[Pastor Smith] talked about how his baby grandson’s gurgling is actually “talking” because he is saying ‘I am here...they tried to write me off as 3/5 a person in the Constitution, but I am here right now...”

Oh boy!

Where to begin?

Is it really possible that there are people so STUPID (and stupidity - the inability to comprehend properly - differs greatly from ignorance - the lack of information) that they don’t know that the “3/5th’s compromise” was an ANTI-SLAVERY resolution?!

Apparently so.

First, a little history about the “3/5th’s compromise”It was proposed by two northern delegates James Wilson (PA) and Roger Sherman (CT) so that Southerners couldn’t use slaves to increase their representation in Congress.

As you might expect, the delegates opposed to slavery generally wished to count only the free inhabitants of each state, while the delegates supportive of slavery, on the other hand, generally wanted to count slaves in their actual numbers, since those increased numbers (of non-voting slaves) would deliver the benefit of increased representation in the House and the Electoral College.

The final compromise of counting "all other persons" as only three-fifths of their actual numbers reduced the power of the slave states relative to the original southern proposals.

So NO, “they didn’t try to write off Reverend Wallace or any free blacks (ironically enough there were many freed blacks who WERE counted as whole citizens even back then) as 3/5ths of a person.” Abolitionists from the north forced a compromise on the south that decreased southern representation, WITHOUT WHICH, the slavery debate would’ve been greatly delayed in America and given that chattel slavery STILL exists in much of the world even today (in the Arab Mid-East, in large tracts of Asia and ironically enough, in sub-Saharan Africa), that delay could’ve been a long one indeed!

Apparently a lot of people who SHOULD “know better,” simply DON’T.

And that’s called STUPIDITY.

Since it can’t possibly be argued that people like Reverend Wallace Smith “don’t have access to that information” (which would be mere IGNORANCE), the only possible conclusion one can reach is that such people are “too stupid to actually understand the facts and use them correctly.”

More troubling still is Barack Obama’s penchant for seeking out these kinds of radical and rabidly anti-American “Reverends.”

That doesn't seem to be a very promising way to kick off the 2012 re-election campaign.


Conservative Black Woman said...

JMK~Those stupid sermons are preached every Sunday in most black churches. It's shameful. The victim to "victor" narrative is great fodder for rousing the "Holy Ghost" on Sunday mornings I guess. The more folks get the "Holy Ghost" and emote the more money the shiester bootleg preachers get in the collection plate. Fact's don't matter -- facts stand it the way of profit. Arousing the hyper-emotional sensitivities of uninformed, willfully ignorant black folks is entirely too profitable for one to disseminate facts.

JMK said...

You know what? A LOT....probably MOST (by a wide margin) of white people would not believe you.

A great black Conservative named Mychal Massie (the founder of Project 21) told me the SAME thing a couple years ago.

I wasn't surprised because I know that I've been guilty of that same kind of thing earlier in my life. It seems to be an unpleasant part of the human condition.

While it pales in comparison to the heat many Jews have for Germans and some blacks for whites, the Irish (Celts) have a similar hatred for the English. And it was much more pronounced even just a generation back.

Again, Mychal Massie DID surprise with me with his extensive knowledge of the "Irish Slave Trade." Cromwell sold hundreds of thousands of Irish (mostly women and orphaned children into slavery, NOT "indentured servitude" in the Americas). I was surprised to see anyone outside the Irish community know so much about that. I didn't know much detail about it growing up. I only heard about it later and even then had to look it up to believe it!

Some of that hatred has been immortalized in film; In Gangs of New York Martin Scorcese (though he takes some liberty by combining events over a twenty year span as though they happened in a matter of weeks) does capture a lot of the "Nativist" sentiment of that time as distinctly anti-Catholic....and specifically anti-Irish.

The English despised the Celts as "the last tribal whites of Europe."

On the flip side, as troubled a person as Mel Gibson may be, he's perhaps the greatest propagandist of our day...and I use that time as flattery, in this case. In both Braveheart and The Patriot Gibson makes sure there isn't a Celt that isn't noble and a Brit that isn't either a sadisticly cruel overlord or sniveling coward.

After HALF a MILLENNIUM (post Cromwell) that ancient hatred still lives!

That certainly doesn't bode well for the other hatreds of our day subsiding any time soon.

The worst thing about such hatreds is their self-destructive natures. We often can choke off our own personal development in the throes of such hate.

And "getting back" at a current generation of people, who've done none of that harm winds up utterly unfulfilling to the devoted and genuine "seeker of justice."

I say all that to note that blacks are far from the only ones who've wallowed in such self destruction, nor are they the only group by any stretch that can be roused to misguided passion by hucksters bent on profit.

Skunkfeathers said...

It doesn't surprise me that Barry would seek out another Jeremiah Wrightesque 'divide with hate' preachers. Nor am I surprised that I would hear about this here, vs in the regular media.

Seane-Anna said...

Hey JMK! Long time no see; hope you're doing well. Except for some lingering neuropathy in my feet I'm doing fine, thank God!

Great post, my friend. I already knew the truth about the "infamous" 3/5ths clause in the Constitution, but you gave a good, succinct history lesson for those who don't know the facts. Unfortunately, it won't matter to those who are politically invested in people misunderstanding the 3/5ths clause. Nice try anyway, my friend.

JMK said...

Hey SF! It's disheartening, but probably not unexpected.

JMK said...

"I already knew the truth about the "infamous" 3/5ths clause in the Constitution, but you gave a good, succinct history lesson for those who don't know the facts." (Seane-Anna)
I figured YOU did Seane-Anna!

I have a feeling that many of those who misrepresent it, do too, but do so deliberately...for perceived personal gain.
"Unfortunately, it won't matter to those who are politically invested in people misunderstanding the 3/5ths clause. Nice try anyway, my friend." (Seane-Anna)
Yes, I believe that's true as well. Liars never let the truth get in the way of a good lie.

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