Sunday, June 13, 2010

THIS is How Angry America's Voters Are at the “Political Class”....

In South Carolina, Democratic voters shocked the Party by putting an unemployed, former military vet, who’d raised no money and is facing a felony rap for sending pornography to an 18 y/o University of South Carolina student.

Wow! They must really be mad...

“Greene, 32, an unemployed military veteran from Manning who raised no campaign funds and was unknown to Democratic officials even in his home town, won the primary over Rawl, a former judge and state lawmaker from Charleston, with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

“The S.C. Democratic Party called on Greene to withdraw as the nominee-elect the following day, after it was reported that Greene was facing a felony obscenity charge stemming from an arrest in November for allegedly showing pornography to an 18-year-old University of South Carolina student in a computer lab at the school.”

One voter questioned by the Charleston Post and Courier, Debbie Harper of West Ashley said, “I wanted someone fresh and because I didn't want another attorney in there," she said, explaining why she voted for Greene last week over the favored candidate Vic Rawl. Debbie Harper added, "I don't think he's (Greene) any worse or better than the rest of them..."

I think a LOT of Americans share that exact assessment of the current political class.


Early Light said...

Exactly. The way the laws are written, "sending pornography" could mean anything. The economy sucks, a lot of people are unemployed. Military vet: that's more than Obama, Bush-43 or Clinton can say. How can he possibly do worse than the political class we have now?

Skunkfeathers said...

The only misstatement by the previous commenter -- and one that is made by too many who are smarter than that -- is that Bush 43 is not a military vet. History and fact shows clearly that serving in the National Guard, IS military service. Too many National Guard troops have fought and died in this nation's wars for it to be anything else. Now, to say that Bush 43 is not a combat vet, that is 100% right.

The National Guard fought in the Civil War...Spanish American War...WWI...WWII (who can forget that the 29th Infantry Division was a National Guard formation, that stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day?)...Korea...Vietnam...both Gulf Wars.

When you say Bush 43 wasn't in the military, you demean one helluva lot of fine men & women who serve in the National Guard over one helluva long span of our national existence.

Just a point to raise.

Early Light said...

I disagree, Skunkfeathers. I am not uninformed of the service performed by our nation's guard and reserve. My point is regarding Bush-43's record. If he served in the Air National Guard, it was basically on paper only, and to mention his service in the same breath as the service of all those who fought, or even in the same breath as those who were ready to fight, is a disservice to our guard and reserves.

In that respect, Bush-43 is a significant cut above Clinton and Obama, but that's not saying much.

I intend nothing but the highest respect for our military, all the branches, including our guard and reserves; admittedly, though, I do not hold Bush-43's record in the same esteem that I hold his father's.

Thank you for coming to the defense of our Guard, though! :)

Seane-Anna said...

If Mr. Greene had run as a Republican, defeated a White Republican incumbent, and was then asked to step aside by the GOP the cries of racism would be deafening. But since it's White DEMOCRATS asking a Black man to step aside none of the "anti-racism" police see fit to intervene. Can you say hypocrites? I knew you could!

Seane-Anna said...

And nice defense of the Guard, Skunky!

Early Light said...

Nice observation, Seane-Anna.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I think a LOT of Americans share that exact assessment of the current political class....glad to see your'e still posting my friend...this BP scandal ..more govt control!!!

Skunkfeathers said...

Always ready to speak up for the military, regular, reserve or National Guard ;) The 'Guard took quite a trashing in '04 from Kerry & Co. Coming from the ultimate hypocrite that Kerry was, is and always will be, that demanded response.

Another blogger I read -- Paul Mitchell -- makes the convincing case that when racism is looked at in the American experience, one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the American public is the notion that conservatives are racist. History demonstrates, time and again, that racism is a foundation of the Democrat Party, and continues to be to this day. Two quick examples: (1) what's happening with Greene and the SC Democrat establishment, (2) it's liberalism that continues to demand Affirmative Action, because without it, minorities "don't have a chance". Huh? I know a number of minorities who are free-thinking, independent, self-reliant, and view that liberal notion as racist. And rightly so.

Early Light said...

Well, gee whiz. I guess we caught the left in a lie, distorting history for political benefit and sacrificing the truth and the rights of Americans to further their agenda. Now who would've guessed?

(Pardon the sarcasm, Skunkfeathers - it's not aimed at you.)

JMK said...

""sending pornography" could mean anything..." (EL)

A fair point, in today's world, it CAN "mean just about anything."

I've had a huge problem with the way the "sex offenders registry" has been abused.

It initially started as a way to track a specific kind of sex offender - pedophiles. Now it's used for gropers and peeping toms.

I don't have a huge problem for a separate list for OTHER sex offenders, BUT the child-sex/pedophile list should remain separate and distinct...and at a higher alert level than any other. Otherwise it serves to reduce pedophilia to the level of groping and peeping, offenses we don't generally see as "high priorities."

JMK said...

The thing about G W's Gaurd experience is that you have to recall that at that time, College Deferments were quite common and easy to get....even for the non-connected. A neighbor of mine growing up stayed in College seven years, kept changing majors to avoid being eligible. Dick Cheney reportedly got 5 such deferments.

G W certainly could've gotten them in perpetuity, but he did sign up for the Guard....I don't know enough to question his involvement there.

JMK said...

"If Mr. Greene had run as a Republican, defeated a White Republican incumbent, and was then asked to step aside by the GOP the cries of racism would be deafening. But since it's White DEMOCRATS asking a Black man to step aside none of the "anti-racism" police see fit to intervene." (Seane-Anna)

Absolutely right!

And it's not mere hypocrisy either, it's a vile bigotry that not only sees no problem with its own bigotries, but will always and everywhere take every opportunity to inflame petty bigotries if they feel it's to their own advantage.

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