Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mike Malloy Ratchets Up the Hate - Libtalker Calls For Death of Conservative Pundits

Apparently Mike Malloy is jealous over Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and Rosie O'Donnell taking the lead in the "Most Adorable Crazies" category, so he's apparently decided to power down the animal fat and ping the needle on the hate-meter by calling for the death of various Conservative Commentators.

What an ass-wipe!

I'd like to say that I hope Mike Malloy comes down with a vicious strain of hideously painful stomach cancer, but that would be impolitic....but maybe Mike Malloy will, in his own words, "do the honorable thing"....but sadly, I wouldn't count on that.


Dan O. said...

OTHER than whining and pining for the death of various infinitely more intelligent people than himself, WTF was he talking about?

He thinks people AREN'T calling against Obamacare because they're actually against it? That we're following orders from somebody?

Wow, coming from an MSM /Obama herded sheeple, that holds absolutely no credibility.

JMK said...

The only way I can respond DanO is to note that Mike Malloy's a rabidly inarticulate idiot....which is the worst kind of idiot.

Sad thing is, because he has a pulpit, many actually think he has something to say.

That would be an erroneous presumption.

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