Sunday, November 8, 2009

The NEXT Nidal???....

Homegrown and radicalized jihadist terror lurks right here at home in the good’ol USA!

Yes, the Fort Hood attack, the worst act of Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil since 9/11/01, certainly proves that...but wait!... as they say, there’s even MORE!

From a truly disgusting and frightening article in today’s (Sunday, November 8, 2009) New York Post (, “The soldiers at Fort Hood had it coming, says a radical Muslim in Queens who travels to mosques around the city spreading anti-American hate and has sent a "Get Well Soon" message to the major behind the Texas massacre.”

The homegrown radical jihadist is a Queens, NY man named Yousef al-Khattab (pictured above), on whose blog “Revolution Muslim” ( "An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a pre-emptive attack. Get well soon Major Nidal. We love you."

According to John Doyle and Janon Fisher of the NY Post, “In the twisted logic of al-Khattab, who was born Jewish in New Jersey and converted to Islam in 2004, the 13 slain and 38 wounded Army victims gunned down by the radical one-man sleeper cell were "terrorists" who deserved to die.

Amazingly enough, just as the federal authorities were “aware of” Major Nidal’s increasingly radicalized rantings, the FBI is also well aware of al-Khattab's dangerous online hate-mongering, but claim they are unable to do much about it as he just skirts the line between protected speech and inciting violence.


Is espousing, encouraging and CONGRATULATING acts of unspeakable terror “protected?” You mean that Major Nidal and Mr. al-Khattab can’t be brought in for some psychiatric “observation?”

I believe people have been taken off American streets for ranting and acting aggressively, most of them wind up at places like Bellevue for some psychiatric observation. These kinds of vicious rants don’t warrant something similar?

The NY Post article quotes Barry Covert, a First Amendment lawyer from Buffalo, who says, "It's terrible. It's reprehensible. For the mosques it's a p.r. nightmare. He's probably putting members of the mosque in danger from attacks from non-Muslims, but he's not breaking the law."

According to the report, Mr. Covert said, “that unless al-Khattab incites people to immediate acts of violence, the Constitution protects him.”

To their credit, the NY Post reports that a number of Imams in Manhattan have been appalled by al-Khattab’s message and have tried to get the police to stop him from spreading his radical hate.

According to the NY Post, "We spoke to law enforcement about them, because we are disgusted with their behavior," said Shamsi Ali, an imam at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, a mosque at 96th Street and Third Avenue.

He said that at a recent Muslim parade, al-Khattab and his followers were preaching violence, but despite complaints from the congregation, the NYPD could only watch.

"They say that as long as there is not a physical threat, there's nothing that they can do." said Ali. "They say it's a free-speech issue."

Last month (October 18, 2009 online at the NY Post wrote another article on Yousef al-Khattab, which started, “This jihadist wannabe is a "terror" on the road.

“Yousef al-Khattab is a Jewish-born, Jersey-raised convert to Islam who schleps tourists on his pedicab by day and propagandizes for the terrorists he idolizes by night.

"I give a real tour of the city -- 47th Street, this is where they launder drug money for Colombia, this is the Garment District, from here they run the slave shops of the world," the attention-loving al-Khattab, 41, said.”

That report went to note that according to Police sources, “He's on the radar of both the FBI and the NYPD, but he's not considered a real threat.”

Gregg Zukowski, president of the NYC Pedicab Association, said he was unaware of al-Khattab's jihadi side until contacted by a reporter.

"He's out there and working hard," Zukowski said. "[His beliefs] don't impact on his business."

This is the kind of thing that highlights the perils of an open society. Those who cherish that openness must also support a heightened vigilance in order to keep it that way.

NY Post full article:

Yousef al-Khattab’s blog "Revolution Muslim":


Skunkfeathers said...

Terrorism is what it is; only fools, appeasers, and the enemy within will call this anything else.

As for the NY terrorist blogger...I can't say what I wish to...

JMK said...

How many more?

That's what we all have to consider...

The problem is that political correctness has hampered law enforcement's ability to deal with this problem.

Skunkfeathers said...

Yes, and "political correctness" brands us as racist, if we call terrorists like this one, and Hasan, and the one about to get iced in Virginia (good riddance, and I wish he was being shot instead of injected), what they are. Even our illustrious president has quit referring to the war on "terrorism". He doesn't want to offend.

He obviously doesn't mind offending a great many Americans who are more cogizant of the threats than he wants to be.

I'm surprised Jane doesn't come here and spread the same kind of bile she dumps at Seane-Anna's.

JMK said...

The problem is now systemic.

General Casey worries aloud about a mythical "backlash against Muslim Americans in the Armed Forces, while the FBI is now investigating the agents who saw Nidal Hasan's emails to al Qaeda as non-actionable.

Are they kidding!

AGENTS don't make policy....they FOLLOW it!

The dictates that had those agents pass on those emails came from above...far above.

There's no need for an investigation to prove the obvious - this administration is incompetent in conducting the "War on Terror."

How could they not be?

They don't even believe that there is or SHOULD BE a "War on Terror!"

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