Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maine Says No to Gay Marriage...

Lost in all the hub-bub about the Virginia sweep, the upset in very BLUE New Jersey and NY’s 23rd, the gay Marriage ballot in Maine was largely overlooked. Certainly, that issue is often seen as a bell-weather for how socially Liberal America is becoming, with Liberals always searching for something, ANY thing to hang their collectivist hats on. But THIS is sort of funny, actually! I mean I know “hope springs eternal,” but apparently, where Liberals are concerned, so does disappointment. Ah, such is life!

Going into yesterday, Politico was reporting said, “A Public Policy Polling automated survey released Monday showed the initiative striking down gay marriage leading by four points, 51 percent to 47 percent, but two polls last week contradicted that finding by reporting opponents of the measure ahead by four and 11 points.”

Surely that last line and the huge efforts that gay rights advocates were making across that state had Liberals hoping to ring in that bell-weather and stoke the view that “America IS becoming more socially Liberal.”

Well, predictably it (and Liberal hopes along with it) went down to defeat (53% - 46%).

Not only that, but the people of Maine opposed to Gay Marriage by legislative fiat had to vote “YES”...for the REPEAL of that law!

The politicians made it as difficult as possible for voters to defeat their legislative over-reach, but in the end, common sense prevailed – the voters have it, most politicians, sadly, DON’T.

It’s hard to really say which was more unpopular in Maine, the idea of Gay Marriage itself (often feared as an “and-around” the 1st Amendment’s religious protections) OR the independent-minded people of Maine bristling at an arrogant state legislature foisting something on them without input from their bosses (the people).

Well, as yesterday’s headlines went, “As Maine Goes, So Goes Gay Marriage.”

OK, well, in that case, see ya!

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