Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free Commodities and the Slavery Ethos...

Without understanding what FREEDOM is, it’s impossible to really know what SLAVERY is either.

Freedom is NOT “license”The ability to do whatever we’d like.

It is also NOT “free stuff.” It is most definitely not “free stuff,” as free stuff/commodities, actually ALWAYS results in the antithesis of true freedom - a universal slavery for all.

FREEDOM is merely self-ownership. That’s all.

FREEDOM is hard. Freedom is the more difficult, risky and arduous path. FREEDOM is NOT the preferable path of most people.

People who don’t understand what freedom really is, always ultimately wind up opting for slavery...for “free stuff,” free protection in exchange for ownership over themselves.

The same poor dolts who believe “the poor should get their health-care at the expense of others,” are the SAME idiots who claim things like, “Health-care, like FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER are “basic human rights,” and as such, no one should make money of those things.”

The FACT IS, that health-care, like FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER is a COMMODITY. As a commodity, it is produced by people and those people MUST BE paid for their labors and health-care workers are relatively HIGHLY PAID workers. NO ONE has a right to any commodity at the expense of another person….that’s called SLAVERY (one person being entitled to the fruits of another individual’s labors).

One person CAN’T be entitled to another person’s property (income or the fruits of their labors) WITHOUT either themselves, or the State OWNING that other person.

Those who make such arguments and support “NEED” conferring “entitlement,” are according to those very arguments, spoiled, self-centered, "ME-FIRSTERS."

They routinely become outraged whenever the government finally does the correct thing and looks to keep scammers and freeloaders from getting over on everyone else, for instance “senior citizens” who seek to divest themselves of their homes, cash and other assets within an allotted time period, before sliding onto the government dole (Medicaid) in their a-hem "Golden Years."

That indeed is the crux of many such people’s arguments IN FAVOR of the current health-care overhaul.

Ironically enough, within the 2,000 pages of the current monstrosity, there's absolutely NOTHING that would undo what the Deficit Reduction Act did to expand the “Lookback period!”

For instance, the current Pelosi Bill was written almost ENTIRELY by lobbyists, including the INSURANCE Co. lobbyists.

Those insurers want all those younger LOW-COST customers, paying HIGHER premiums, to pay for the older, more expensive customers.

The slavery-supporters want others to pay for their “free stuff,” and that (looking to entitle themselves and others to what others produce) makes them SLAVERY-supporters...and that’s disgusting to ANYONE who believes in freedom/self-ownership.

Personally, I have a much better....a much MORE Conservative idea....Let's all start bucking up and fending for ourselves a little more and stop looking to make the young and naive pay for the whole party! Let’s just all be at least a little MORE FAIR and little LESS “Me-FIRST” about such issues.


Joie said...

Here, Here!!!

Ulta-conservative minority individual said...

Well said.

As a society, we are lulled into the entitlement state of mind via innumerable sources of "media-think" outlets and venues.

This occurs with comfortable, but mind numbing ease, and some of us cannot tell its happening. Others suspect as much, but wish not to feel the BRUTAL pain of reality, and thus automatically slip into a "pious" state of denial.

Those who are left are tasked with unplugging the impossibility for some. Google "Detroit: Thousands Line up for Federal Handout".

JMK said...

"As a society, we are lulled into the entitlement state of mind via innumerable sources of "media-think" outlets and venues." (UCMI)
I think that's the result of a half century of relative affluence and comfort.

It dulls the primary survival instinct we're born with.

Today, entire generations have never faced hardships, loss, lack and limitation and naively believe that "things in life SHOULD be easy."

Those generations were given things and have built very little, in fact, most of us haven't even built or worked on ourselves!

Many in the West can't even conceive of real hard times and that's really sad.

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