Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michael Moore's Hypocrisy is Glaring....

Michael Moore on The Sean Hannity Show, Friday, October 9th, 2009

At the 19:10 mark, Sean Hannity challenges Michael Moore to "put his money where your mouth is," ...."Give up 95% of your wealth and I'll pay that 70% tax rate you espouse."

Moore refuses that offer and defends HIS worth, while espousing confiscatory tax rates that'd keep high-value, high-skill workers from benefiting from the market for their skills. Such an inane scheme would only DE-INCENTIVIZE high-value, high-skill people from making the sacrifices in terms of time and effort to develop and ply those skills....which would, in turn, make the entire economy a MUCH POORER one!


Joie said...

the rules apply to everyone but the know that right??!?!!! ;) ;)

hence why there is no credibility for what they spew.

JMK said...

Apparently so Joie!

I thought it was VERY interesting when Moore quickly defended holding onto HIS OWN wealth, while calling for higher tax rates on high-skilled, high-income earners.

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