Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy R.I.P. ....

Well, there's not much good I can say here, except to note that he's the first Kennedy male of his generation to die of natural causes, so I won't say anything else.

I would like to see Massachussetts atone for their sins by electing a Conservative to that seat. That would be fitting.


namaste said...


at least you were professional enuf to acknowledge his passing. may he rest in peace. may his unsuspecting victim mary jo kopechne now rest in even better peace.

It Just Doesn't Make Any Sense said...

Engage in dog fighting go to prison, shoot yourself in the leg and go to prison for 2 years, oppose the liberal agenda, get labeled a terrorist; drive drunk and leave a young girl to die a horrible death and get greatly rewarded by being given the Freedom Medal of Honor! Awarded highlighting their accomplishments the nation's highest civilian honor. I guess what Teddy did was considered honorable? This man killed a young woman after having sex with her. He then ran like the coward he was trying to get away with murder. Does this qualify you for the Freedom Medal of Honor?

Roadhouse said...

Well, he had great hair for an old guy, and he kept a lot of people at the Jameson's Irish Whiskey plant employed for decades.

I guess that's something.

JMK said...

I won't use this occasion to highlight the many problems I've always had with Ted Kennedy,'s just the wrong time.

Suffice to say, I never much liked him, but I feel bad for his family and friends.

He DID have a relatively long life and one filled with achievements, even though many of those "achievements" seemed to come at the expense of what made America great.

And YES, I too thought of Ms. Kopechne...just over four decades since her untimely death.

May BOTH finally rest in peace and find what justice they can in the next realm.

JMK said...

Well IJDMAS, I can't argue with the fact that both Vicks and Burress (especially Burress) were jobbed by the legal system (at least in my view)....hell, if Burress came before me as a judge, I'd have sentenced him to some shooting and gun safty training and sent him home.

As to Chappaquiddick....for me, it's the wrong day for me to go into that, but suffice to say, I do agree with your assessment of that horrific event.

At least it DID cost Kennedy any shot he might have had at the Presidency in 1984...although his Palinesque interview with Roger Mudd didn't help either.

JMK said...

Yes Roady....and he had nice teeth....(Oh wait, that's not exactly true), but the hair, yeh that was nice...and he lived a long life....a LOT longer than his brothers Joe (early 20s), John (nearly 45) and the virulently anti-Communist Robert (co-counsel with Roy Cohen on "Tail-gunner" Joe Mccarthy's team...mid-40s).

And yeah....the Jamson thing too, yes, there's THAT.

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