Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ward Connerly's ACRI and the Fight for America’s Core Principles...

I’ve been VERY busy the past six to eight weeks, with huge amounts of mandated overtime at work, numerous medical appointments (voluntary on my part) and other demands, that have combined to limit my online time.

All of that has meant less time at home, which is bad for my wife and I because we really do always have a great time together and it’s meant less online time, with much of that consumed in discussion with the gracious and generous Seane-Anna (PoorGrrlZone) and John Lofton (of American Thinker) in various comments sections.

Recently, I was honored to have been invited by Mr. Ward Connerly to an ACRI (American Civil Rights Initiative) forum at the Reagan Library, coming up this week (Wednesday 6/17 and Thursday 6/18). The invitation came in response to an entry I posted below, New Haven and Race as Handicap.

I have been able to get the time off and I’m heading out to Simi Valley, CA.

Over the past few decades, there have been so many battles on so many fronts (tax policy, government spending, welfare reform, tort reform, race/gender-based preferences, etc.) that it’s been hard for many Conservatives to keep up.

Behind virtually ALL of those issues is a direct assault on some basic American principles.

Ward Connerly and the good people at the ACRI have been fighting for two of America’s most fundamental principles; (1) Equality BEFORE the LAW and (2) Equality of OPPORTUNITY – the RIGHT to compete and be compared on the SAME set of standards.

Both those principles are under a relentless assault from the radical Left and they now have supporters in government, like Attorney General Eric Holder, among others.

As there are really no principles more fundamental and valuable, there is also no fight more vital!

I’d like to thank Mr. Connerly and the good people at ACRI (especially Mr. Connerly’s executive assistant, Jennifer Bollenbach) for their incredible kindness and generosity in extending their invitation to me.


Seane-Anna said...

Hey JMK! Congratulations on your invitation. Hope you have a good time fighting the good fight out there in Simi Valley. And I'm gracious and generous? Awwww shucks!

Skunkfeathers said...

Your clear, concise and articulate voice got the right kind of notice! Congrats!

JMK said...

It was a GREAT forum, filled with dynamic people....and me.

The ARCI is making inroads! They got Arizona on-board banning race-based preferences on Thursday.

The "good fight" for Conservatism is currently being Europe!

The Left there has practicaly imploded. France, Germany and Italy looked poised to strengthen their Center-right majorities and England is poised to witness a sweep-out of the Labour Party (their version of the Democratic party) and Gordon Brown (a much more mild Keynesian than Barack Obama).

As I said, with this having begun as a financial sector calamity, it's DIFFERENT than most recent recessions, that've begun in various manufacturing, retail or commercial areas and were limited largely to those regions (ie. the Tech Bubble of the late 1990s)...this one's effects have yet to be felt.

What's about to happen is almost unprecedented. With revenues for local, state and the federal governments all drying up, in the wake of this huge tsunami of a downturn, there are about to be widespread cutbacks and layoffs in the PUBLIC SECTOR.

The Obama administration is banking on being able to blame it on G W Bush in perpetuity, but they forget, G W is all but forgotten by that apolitical middle - that vast 40+% of America tuned in to American Idol and Survivor.....when the PUBLIC SECTOR starts to get squeezed, look for Obama's (and the Democrat's popularity) to fade fast and deep.

THAT'S the opportunity that 2010 may present, BUT the GOP has to be ready, or they run the risk of having yet another set of Keynesians having the people running back to the Dems.

The GOP desperately NEEDS another Newt, right now.

JMK said...


I am deeply thankful (and humbled) by Ward Connerly's kind invitation. The forum was an incredibly dynamic one and I was incredibly fortunate to have been invited.

Met some incredible people there.

Nicholas said...

Congrats on getting the invite; I'm glad you could attend. And I'm very happy to hear that Connerly is back in action. A year or two ago, he sounded like he'd had it, with fighting AA. If only the GOP had principles, like him!

JMK said...

I was happy to hear that Mr. Connerly's ACRI was still going strong too, Nicholas.

They reported a victory (Thursday, June 18) in Arizona, so they're still making headway as well.

Roadhouse said...

Great to see a fellow blogger being taken seriously for a change.

Roadhouse said...

Great to see a fellow blogger being taken seriously for a change.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Try not to work too hard!!

JMK said...

Hi Roady!

I believe that Mr. Connerly and the ACRI were looking closely at the New haven suit and that's why the piece posted below on New Haven might have caught their eye.

I am grateful that it did, but it really shows that you never know who'll be reading what you write and where it might go, which is another reason why it's so vital to make the BEST arguments for our positions as we possibly can.

JMK said...

Hi Angel!


I DID work Father's Day....there's been a LOT of mandatory overtime around lately.

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