Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Sweden Leftists, Neo-Nazis and Islamo-Nazis Routinely March in UNISON...

A GREAT blogger from Sweden, Pela68 (gummihund - referenced an excellent piece in the Weekly Standard entitled, Welcome to Ramallmo.

The article started, “ "This is how it was last time too," said a Holocaust survivor, when she was escorted from Malmö's main square by the police. "We had to leave the square, while they got to stay."

"On January 27th, it had been almost a month since the Israeli military operation Cast Lead was launched in Gaza. A couple of hundred people, mostly Jews, had gathered in Sweden's third largest city, Malmö, to show their support for Israel. Their slogans--"Israel's right to self defense" and "Compassion with all civilian victims"--were met with shouts of "Sieg Heil" and "Damn Jews" by a group of mainly Arab and left-wing counter protesters. Stones, eggs, and bottles were thrown, and when a home-made bomb was fired at the Jewish group police finally decided to evacuate. The pro-Israeli protesters fled, while children ran after them with cell phones to report back into the crowd where the Jews were heading...”

But most compelling, at least to me, as an American, was the composition of the protests. Left-wing extremists, marched proudly along side European neo-Nazis and Islamo-Nazis, which is appropriate, given they share the SAME basic ideological viewpoint.

“...Last Saturday, roughly a month after the mob met Jews off Malmö's main square, the city was again shaken by riots. Seven thousand activists gathered to stop a Davis Cup match between Sweden and Israel, and the demonstration march was also a manifestation of the ideological confusion that has become the trademark of the Swedish pro-Palestinian movement. Hamas flags and headbands could be spotted next to banners supporting communist groups and feminist causes...”

“...The protesters were met by the largest Swedish riot squad since the anti-globalization riots convulsed the city of Gothenburg in 2001. In order to take on radical Islamists, left-wing extremists, and a small group of neo-Nazis that had
announced that they too wanted to show their resentment toward Israel, the Swedish police prepared with 1,000 officers, helicopters, police vehicles on loan from neighboring Denmark, and a platoon of "dialogue officers." Dressed in yellow vests, the specially educated dialogue police officers were on hand to sooth the violent extremists. But despite the preparation, the police could not prevent rioting.

“On their end, left-wing Swedish politicians worked to grant legitimacy to the protests.”

As Pela wisely noted, it’s “Funny how the extreme left (including the nazis and the Islamo-nazis) always walk hand in hand, sometimes saying they are anti-fascists while having opted for a fascist ideology and using fascist violent methods to get their message out!”

Yes, it IS “funny” in a sought of ironic kind of way.


Seane-Anna said...

This is why the Left has been AWOL from the War on Terror from the moment the Towers fell. They don't want to fight the terrorists because they're on the same side as the terrorists! Scary post.

JMK said...

Yes, all too often they ARE on "the same side," Seane-Anna.

The MSM here made sure they trumpted Open Veins the South American Mein Kampf that Hugo Chavez gifted Barack Obama with, so now it ranks second on Amazon's best seller list...second to Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny.

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